Meet Jessa

If its time to go for a manicure, Jessa will be right at your side. Its just about going out and being a part of the world for her – she loves to get pampered, go to the movies, or just meet up with her friends. Grabbing an intertube and going to float on the water with some pals is one of Jessa’s favorite things to do. Jessa really enjoys an opportunity to participate in any activity that makes her feel extraordinary.

On the other hand, Jessa is certainly not afraid to get out into the mud. Her favorite thing to do is explore the outdoors. Her happy place is an outdoor wildlife viewing park where she can endlessly learn and explore. The beaten walking paths, the equipment to play around on, and the general familiarity and comfort of being outside are all features that Jessa appreciates deeply.

Currently in the 7th grade, Jessa does great in school when she has a lot of encouragement and a familiar adult available to check in with. She is really smart and inquisitive and would benefit from an adoptive family who can help guide and support her throughout the rest of her school years. In the past, she has enjoyed playing team sports and may be interested in doing so again in the future, either at school or as an after-school activity.

An animal lover through and through, Jessa feels especially bonded to horses. She is regularly able to spend time with the loving creatures where she has learned so much about empathy, care, and responsibility through her time with them. In general, Jessa loves all animals and would really like to be adopted by a family who has pets or who is willing to get one or two for her to love and nurture.

Jessa is a really friendly kid who would benefit from the time, support, and care of an adoptive family. She is really bonded with her current foster mom and may want to keep in touch with her; an adoptive family who will support that would be wonderful.

An adoptive family with a strong maternal influence and maybe a few much older sisters would be a great fit, though she would do fine as an only child as well. Jessa will benefit from a family who can provide her with good boundaries, lots of quality time, plenty of one-on-one attention, and continued encouragement throughout her life.

If you can envision Jessa in your family, please reach out to us. Were excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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