Meet Jayden

Do you love the outdoors, enjoy running, riding bikes, climbing trees, and playing superhero? Well guess what, Jayden does too and would love to have a family who can embrace his energy, convince him he is valued and loved, and help him thrive. He is athletic, energetic, and can’t wait to learn how to skateboard. Jayden also like to draw, sing, listen to music, and dance. Jayden can be shy when he first meets people, but as he warms up he becomes inquisitive, likes to laugh, and asks lots of questions.

Jayden thrives on individualized caregiver attention! He can be extremely sweet, helpful, lovable, and shows many wonderful qualities. He is a kiddo that you have fun playing with, not one that you stand back and watch. He likes to play with other kids but is by far the happiest when he is the only child, shining in the spotlight and receiving heaps of adult attention from you. Jayden does best when he can capture a caregiver’s full adoration. He deserves it!

Jayden responds well to structure, routine, predictability, and transparency. In general, Jayden rallies best when given limited choices and crystal-clear explanations – no trying to pull the wool over his eyes! He needs his adoptive parents to commit and stick with it, whether it’s sharing a meal, sharing a park bench, or sharing a life together.

At school, the staff report that they are quite fond of Jayden. He will need involved adoptive parents willing to advocate and keep up the enrichment.

Jayden has a variety of strong bonds and connections with special people in his life that he will need his adoptive parents to welcome and embrace too.

Jaden is of East Indian and African American decent. He will need an adoptive family to assist him in exploring and understanding his multiple cultures and background. Jayden would do best in a family where he is the only child or in a family where he is significantly younger than other children in the home. He needs a family who can shower him with one-on-one attention. A family who offers consistency and predictability, and who is calm and nurturing (but still playful!), will be best.

Are you up for visiting the park…a lot? (Maybe even multiple parks in a single day?!) Will you involve this little guy in your daily life, commit for the long haul, and prove it day in and day out, just like a superhero would? Well, if so, Jayden might be ready to explore, play, and grow with your family!

Could you see Jayden as part of your family?

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