Meet Jade

"Jade is so smart & funny. She loves her stuffed animals and comes up with such creative names like Hammy McSkittleton. I think she's a sweetheart who just wants to be loved and shown love."
~ Jade's Caseworker

Jade is a smart, outgoing, and bubbly kid. She enjoys gymnastics, swimming, cooking, and gardening. Artistic, she proudly hangs her drawings on her bedroom wall. Her favorite colors are pink, purple, and blue. Jade loves animals, whether they’re real or stuffed! Her future favorite pets would include a pug, a wiener dog, and a baby possum. Jade thinks baby possums are adorable and would love one for a pet. It's not a surprise that Jade dreams of being a veterinarian someday, particularly for reptiles. Like many kids, Jade loves to play on her tablet and would happily play on it all day if she could, though she enjoys playing board games too. Jade also loves chocolate, and is a particularly big fan of dark chocolate.

A social leader, Jade easily makes friends with those around her. Jade has often demonstrated that she can be mature, respectful, and serious when situations call for it. She is a strong advocate for fairness at home and in school. Jade’s foster mother reports that she also has a good sense of humor and a sweetness about her too.

Jade will soon complete the 5th grade and having lots of direct family involvement and support are key for helping her stay focused on her goals. Jade does well with clear boundaries and expectations, a structured routine, and inspiring role models. Overall, Jade deserves to have active parents who can engage with her in everything from play, to learning, to supporting her as she grows.

Jade has ongoing contact with a few important people in her life, and deserves to have an adoptive family’s support to maintain these relationships. Jade has indicated that she would prefer to be an only child, or to have an older sister to look up to. She adores animals and would love to be in a home that has pets (and stuffed animals too!). She would also love to be able to have her own room, if possible. Jade deserves to have a consistent, patient, and understanding caregiver who is ready to be there for her through all that life has in store for her. Is your home and family ready to welcome Jade?

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