Meet Damian

Damian is a bright, happy, and energetic boy who dreams about finding a family to love him unconditionally. Damian is a talented and creative artist. He enjoys being read to, playing video games, and having fun camp experiences. Damian takes pride in projects he has built with the assistance of mentors and eagerly shows these items to people in his life. Damian thrives when he has individual attention from his trusted adults.

Damian enjoys having birthday parties where he can play in the arcade with his friends. For special treats, he has a ball playing at the McDonald’s Playhouse where he can run around in the play area and engage with the large music toys. When he grows up, he wants to use his creativity and drawing skills to become an architect and design homes. Damian enjoys listening to music and loves to sing along with his favorite songs. Damian is very interested in the Titanic and knows many facts about the ship and its history. He is eager to bring it up in conversation and loves to hear more about it.

Damian shows love for others by providing them with homemade gifts. He gives and receives hugs from people he is close to and loves to have books read to him. Damian has a special bond with his grandmother who would like to continue visiting with him. Adults able to role model positive exchanges and interactions and the rewards of friendships will help him to be successful.

In the 3rd grade this year, Damian is doing his schooling from home like many other kids. Damian has a strong school support network that includes his caregiver. He will need a family that is confident navigating school systems and supporting after school routines like homework. It has been very helpful for his caregiver to remain in close contact with his teacher, and Damian has made progress in school as a result of their close communication.

Damian will thrive in a family as an only child, or with only much older children so that he can be the focus. Older children and adults will enjoy Damian’s eagerness to participate in fun activities with them. Damian will make a wonderful addition to an experienced family that is patient, loving, and ready to open their hearts to a kind boy who deserves to experience truly connected parent(s) that will look out for him. It will be crucial for Damian to know that your love for him is unconditional and that you truly mean it. Having that security and safety will allow Damian’s true self to really shine; he has immense potential waiting to be shared with the right family.

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