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Alex is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Taught himself to play: Guitar and piano
Goals for the future: Join the Peace Corps and attend college
Random fact: Has had 12 songs stuck in his head - all at once!
Wants: To be adopted

Baseball, basketball, science fiction, robotics, and music - welcome to the world of Alex! Alex is a multifaceted teenager with many passions, interests, and talents. His love of music and lists won out when deciding what to share through his In-Depth Profile though; Alex likes lists because they're "easy and organized." Woven throughout his profile are a few lists, Alex's "Top 3 3s," that he was eager to share with potential adoptive families, alongside a feature of the three instruments he's learning to play.

Alex wanted to share the top 3 things he's hoping to find in his adoptive family.

Initially reserved, Alex’s talkative and energetic nature lights up once he gets to know you. Alex is currently a freshman in high school. He can be quiet in school and his choice in friends often reflects a mutual interest in art, music, and sports. Twenty One Pilots is one of his favorite bands to listen to! Since starting high school, his favorite subjects are math and English. English used to be Alex's least favorite subject, but it has grown on him lately as he's found that the essays in high school have more meaning to him! Alex would like to be able to attend a high school that has a band so he can continue honing his alto sax skills - not to mention having an adoptive family to cheer him on from the audience!

Alex has a naturally competitive side that may emerge while he’s engaging in sports; he's always practicing and bettering his even-keeled sportsmanship strategies in this area. Alex is proud to be actively involved in the daily processing and learning about how our thoughts influence our behavior and choices. He is learning how to use this to his advantage to find the best ways of navigating life, including practicing life skills such as credit card/debit card usage and check writing. Alex is in the process of mentoring another young person and is developing his leadership skills through this mentorship.

Art is just one of Alex's many talents; he was proud to share a few of his favorite creations!

Alex has a team of fans and supporters who continue to work with him on being successful in his present and future. He will need to rely on this team as he grows further into his teenage years; his support needs will understandably change as he grows. It is hoped that a family for Alex will be able to join this team and become part of the larger network of people that care for Alex and are invested in his future. Alex has close relationships with a few biological family members, including his siblings. An adoptive family who will support these bonds will be essential.

A family that enjoys making homemade meals would suit Alex, as he rarely likes to eat out. Some of his favorite meals include chicken tinga, homemade Chinese food, but also boxed macaroni and cheese with hot-dogs and Valentina hot sauce. Alex wants potential families to know that he is organized and clean and would be happy to help with the household chores. He loves movies and watching Netflix as a family, or playing card/board games together. Alex enjoys playing Magic the Gathering; he would love to create his own dragon deck someday! Alex also loves reading, his favorite genre being science fiction/fantasy. Alex deserves a family who will be excited and passionate about his many interests right alongside him. Being able to attend baseball games and orchestra concerts to cheer him on are crucial to Alex!

Alex wanted to share his love for science fiction and fantasy books by recommending some of his favorite authors.

Alex is processing the idea that his future is taking a different path than the one he previously imagined. He is actively striving to be seen as someone that is kind, can be relied upon, is trustworthy, and protective. Alex is hopeful to see what comes next for him!

Alex would do best as an only child, or as the youngest of older children. Alex would do well in a home where he can have both male and female role models to look up to. A family that can understand he will need consistency, time, and patience in order to feel safe is a must. Alex also deserves a family that is willing to help him explore his cultural identity. Alex is teenager with his eyes on the future; he is interested in pursuing the Peace Corps when he graduates high school. He is also interested in attending college someday to study robotics or music. Alex is ready to have the support of an adoptive family behind him as he strives to reach these goals.

Beyond the Profile: You’d never know that Alex was a little hesitant about creating an In-Depth Profile at first, as he quickly decided to step out of his comfort zone to be the one to speak to potential families himself. Once he made that decision, there was no looking back! From the purple background of his lists, to the commentary on his favorite authors and series, to the naming of his original piano song “Suspendit,” you can see Alex’s input and personality in every part of his In-Depth Profile. We got to know Alex through Zoom calls since his profile was produced during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and his sense of humor and wit came through loud and clearly even in a virtual format; he regularly offered up random facts about himself and jokes about his “rock star hair” that had everyone cracking up. Alex deserves to find an adoptive family that’s just as awesome as he is, and we hope all of his contributions inspire you, or someone you know, to reach out.

~ Youth Engagement Specialist, Naomi Kolb-Untinen

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