Meet Shailey

Running, jumping, skiing, hiking – if it’s outdoors, Shailey wants to get into it. This awesome kid is super physically active and just loves spending time outside as much as possible. Naturally athletic and active, Shailey’s sport of choice currently is swimming, but it’s safe to say she would love to get involved in so much more. Generally speaking, she’s a competitive player and would benefit from a team sport or something group-oriented where she can learn to work toward a goal as a team. On her own, swimming, skiing, and running are all activities she would benefit from putting more time and energy into. An adoptive family who also enjoys outside sports would be a great fit for Shailey.

Currently in the 5th grade, Shailey does well in school. She is a natural leader and is actually involved in leadership council! In leadership, Shailey has the chance to plan and execute events for the younger grades in her school – something she really enjoys being able to do. In and outside of the classroom, Shailey is bright, charming, and full of energy. She has lots of strengths and shows great potential for her future. Shailey recently gave a really fun presentation on Shirley Temple, complete with a costume and curls, and had so much fun doing so.

Speaking of clothes, Shailey has been called a bit of a “clothes hound.” She absolutely loves to shop and is always excited to find a new outfit. She’s also a great reader and when she isn’t outside playing, you can likely find her reading, making crafts, or coloring. Shailey is also very talkative and has great communication skills. She is bright and curious and loves to be social – something she is continually working on.

Shailey has a close relationship with her aunt. An adoptive family who can support this bond will be essential.

Shailey will do best in a smaller family, where she is either the only child or the youngest of one or two much older siblings. An adoptive family with a strong maternal influence will be best for her. Shailey is a great kid who will continue to learn and grow with the support and love of the right adoptive family. Shailey would especially love it if her family lived somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. If you can envision going on outdoor adventures with Shailey, please reach out to us!

We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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