Meet Carter and Gabe

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Meet two adorable brothers who will bring so much joy into your life! Carter and Gabe will keep a family busy and fill a home with laughter. These brothers love to play outside if there are other kids or adults around. Otherwise they prefer to be inside and at home. Creative, they happily create new uses for items like yarn or toys, well beyond their original purposes! They also both have a ball playing dress up. These boys love to have books read to them. They will jump on the trampoline together at times and have lots of brotherly fun.

Carter is a very active boy who loves to ride his bike. Carter enjoys reading books, playing games, and building things. He stays happily occupied with Legos (the small ones in particular), action figures, Hot Wheels, Nerf guns, and Fortnite. Inside, he enjoys doing puzzles as well. He gets along well with his siblings and enjoys playing with them. Easily excited, he needs adults to be on their A game to help him navigate the world and all it has to offer. Lots of nurturing care (and patience!) demonstrates to him that he is safe and loved. Scholastically, he is a bright boy and understands everything he’s learning. Carter has so much potential and it will be a delight to see him grow into a confident little guy with the loving support of an adoptive family.

Just like the cars and race tracks he adores, Gabe is full of energy and ready to zoom! He loves to play, and enjoys being outside or inside playing imaginatively. Gabe gravitates towards unique and unusual things, like yard sale finds. A stuffed bird in a nest. Vases. Flowers. Dolls. Doll houses. Lincoln logs. Cars. Ceramic little houses. Glass jars. Whatever he plays with he tends to focus on very intently and dives all in to whatever he’s into at the moment. He also enjoys building with the big size Legos, coloring, and playing with Calico Critters.

Gabe attends a kindergarten class where extra supports and tools help ensure success. His adoptive parents should also have extra supports to help him continue to succeed.

Carter and Gabe need to maintain relationships with the people who are important to them, including their two other siblings. It will be critically important for a family to explore and support the children with this, keeping them closely connected. These children will also need caregivers who are open to these children exploring their heritage and culture.

These boys need a family that can devote the time and energy needed for them to be successful. They are wonderful children with so much love to give. Patient caregivers who are able to be flexible is a must. Structure and routine works well and they need a family who will invest the time to really connect with them. These boys deserve a sense of belonging and to know, for sure, that they have a loving, permanent home to grow in.

Please consider if you could be just the right fit for these precious little guys.

Could you see Carter and Gabe as part of your family?

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