Meet Venjamin

Throughout his life, Venjamin has touched the hearts of caregivers, teachers, and social workers. His team “absolutely adores” him, as do most people who get the chance to spend time with Venjamin. He deserves the best out of life from caring, committed, adoptive parents who will always be there for him.

Venjamin loves to be outside as often as possible. He loves taking walks around the neighborhood or through the park, and of course he loves the playground! He prefers playing on his own though when other kids are around, he’s happy to play alongside them. And let’s not forget about the trampoline, one of Venjamin’s favorite things! He’s pretty passionate about basketball, so anytime he can spend shooting hoops is appreciated. An adoptive family who enjoys playing or watching basketball would be a great fit for him.

When indoors, he likes to color or watch an educational show on PBS or Spongebob Squarepants, his all-time favorite show. Venjamin also loves playing with his toys - his cars and trucks are awesome, but nothing beats his dinosaurs.

Venjamin is quick to learn names and make connections, even after meeting someone just once or twice. He speaks of past connections often and you’ll hear him speak of people who have made a lasting impact on him in random times of his life. He’s very intrigued by the world around him and eager to explore it when something interests him.

Joseph, Venjamin's social worker, sits down to share what he loves about Venjamin and why he deserves an adoptive family!

Venjamin’s foster mom would love to see him adopted by a family that has time and attention to devote to him on a daily basis, for example, set routines are super helpful. Venjamin continues to do well during the pandemic and has enjoyed helping his foster family, especially when it comes to making lunch. Venjamin has a lot of pride in his lunch-making skills and always makes enough for the whole family, ensuring everyone has a homemade lunch by Venjamin.

His teacher calls Venjamin “truly a joy” to have in class. He’s set up well by his school and has all the supports he needs to thrive. Venjamin is able to understand and use a little sign language to communicate in the classroom. Recess has become a favorite part of the school day for Venjamin, especially because he gets the chance to play basketball with his friends and classmates. While the pandemic hasn’t been easy for many kids, Venjamin has excelled in school and is meeting or surpassing his goals. Everyone is very proud of him.

Venjamin’s social worker wants to hear from couples and single parents with the experience and skills to provide Venjamin with the right life for him; the one he deserves. An especially good fit would be a family who lives in a strong community and who adheres to a structured routine. Venjamin deserves an adoptive family who is excited to love and support a great kid.

If you want the opportunity to nurture and love this super fun kid, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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