Meet Venjamin

Venjamin’s profile features insight from his caregivers who adore him and are champions for his permanency. They want Venjamin to find a family and community that will provide him with lifelong love and support.

Venjamin’s not-so-secret talent: Drawing

Always down for: A dance party

Who Venjamin’s team is excited to connect with: Families ready to nurture Venjamin’s creative side and provide him the stability he deserves

Throughout his life, Venjamin, who also goes by “Ven,” has touched the hearts of caregivers, teachers, and social workers. His social worker states that they “absolutely adore” Venjamin, as do most people who interact with him. Venjamin is often affectionate with those he has made connections with, and people who know him love to share about the joy and laughter he brings into a space. He deserves the best out of life from caring, committed, adoptive parents who will always be there for him.

Two of Venjamin’s caregivers, Alexis and Brenda, wanted to share and help paint a fuller picture of what an awesome teen Venjamin is.

A current favorite activity for Venjamin is donning his headphones and having a true dance party while doing the dishes. He seriously loves doing the dishes to music! Venjamin got a new tablet for Christmas which he loves using to play games, like Candy Crush, and jamming to his music on. Venjamin also loves to watch PBS educational shows, play in the yard or playground, and color.

Venjamin smiles big and often and is always laughing. He loves spending time outdoors, going on walks, and playing at parks. The swings are one of his favorite activities, though he really loves playing on the trampoline too. He’s named a favorite outdoor activity the “100 Run,” where he runs laps around a track counting to 100, always ensuring he ends right in front of his caregiver so he can get a high five and praise for a job well done. One adult who knows Venjamin especially well describes him as, “joyous, and always laughing and smiling.”

Pam and Dani have known Venjamin for years and have gotten the chance to watch him grow. They have high hopes for his future!

has become
very passionate about basketball, another favorite outdoor activity. An adoptive family who enjoys playing or watching basketball would be a great fit for him.

Venjamin is quick to learn names and make connections, even after meeting someone just once or twice. He speaks of past connections often and you’ll hear him speak of people who have made a lasting impact on him in short periods in his life. He’s very intrigued by the world around him and eager to explore it when he sees something of interest. He’s got some exciting upcoming plans, including going to the bowling alley, going swimming, and doing an outdoor hike. Venjamin loves those kinds of outings!

Venjamin has done remarkably well in recent years, where a set routine has been extremely beneficial to him. Venjamin’s team would love to see him adopted by a family that has time and attention to devote to him on a daily basis.

excelling right now in school. He is meeting and surpassing his goals, and he is described there as “fitting in great.” He is most successful when he has an adult to help provide him with next steps and support him through his education.

Venjamin’s caseworker wants to hear from experienced couples and single parents with the patience and skills to provide Venjamin with the right life for him. An especially good fit would be a kind and loving family who lives in a strong community and who can support a structured routine. Venjamin deserves a permanent home and family who is excited to love and nurture a great kid.

If you want the opportunity to nurture and love this super fun kid, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Venjamin as part of your family?