Meet Christian

“I’d like to be a dog so I can do anything I want,” Christian once boldly stated. And who can disagree with that sentiment? Though he can’t do anything he wants, Christian does have the chance to do what he loves pretty frequently throughout his days. If he had his way, Christian would spend all of his time playing video games, reading comic books, playing with Pokémon, talking about superheroes, or drawing. Christian also really likes spending time outside riding his bike, going to the park, playing soccer, and taking in the fresh air. The range of his favorite activities just goes to show what kind of a kid he is – a versatile, fun, talented one.

Kind and helpful, Christian is also always the first one to volunteer to help cook up some food, finish up the chores, or assist in running errands. It’s important to Christian to be helpful and thorough. He’s an empathetic person who is quick to apologize and thrives on positive reinforcement. He’s affectionate and puts the time in to understand social boundaries, which he is open to learning more about.

Christian says YES to spontaneous and playful activities outdoors! See a minute of exactly that in this video.

Currently in the 6th grade, Christian does well in his classroom environment. He’s at his best when he receives a lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement from his teacher and mentors. An adoptive family who is supportive and excited to help Christian learn and grow in his academic world will be a particularly good fit.

Christian has a good relationship with his biological siblings and would appreciate an adoptive family who will maintain those bonds.

Christian always wants to be involved in the activities going on around him. An adoptive family who prioritizes quality time and fun while maintaining a good routine and structure will be a great family for Christian. Christian would benefit from a family with at least one strong and respectful father figure. As he learns more about being patient and accepting change, an adoptive family who is kind, encouraging, and full of hugs will help Christian continue to grow up into the loving person he is.

If you can envision Christian in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Christian as part of your family?

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