Meet Braelyn

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Braelyn is a purple ’n pink kinda gal (although her favorite color is teal) who gravitates to the glitz and the glam, whether it’s sparkly unicorns or hair styles (long and curly is her favorite!). She can paint a mean set of fingernails too! Creative as can be, she will take on the challenge of any Crayola, beads, paper, or paint and transform them into loveliness, like the special bracelet she made for her caseworker. Braelyn is also a natural athlete who excels at dribbling on a soccer field or playing a game of basketball. She would love the opportunity to try more sports, especially horseback riding. Camping, fishing, rafting, hiking—Braelyn is energetic and up for it all. During the summer she’s on the trampoline or the slip and slide, swimming, or attending summer camps. She also love roller coasters and playing hide and seek!

Braelyn is very active and stays busy throughout her day. As an avid reader, during mellower times she enjoys reading a short book or having a story read to her before bed. Her preferred books are mysteries and she's a fan of the Harry Potter movies and can't wait for the chance to see them all. Clue is her favorite board game. She also has a sweet spot for country music although her favorite artist is Ed Sheeran, her favorite of his is ”Castle on the Hill."

An instinctive helper with a warm heart, Braelyn takes pride in caring for others. It's not a surprise that she dreams of being an elementary school teacher when she grows up. Naturally these characteristics also make her an animal aficionado—she adores dogs, cats, and horses. Dogs are her favorite, as she finds a likeness in their playful and affectionate demeanor. Her top breeds of choice are corgis with a tail, huskies, and pomeranians. She hopes to have a corgi named Cooper and imagines having her own brown and white horse someday too. If she could visit anywhere in the world, she'd love to travel to Paris or Hawaii.

Braelyn is also kind and reserved, a kid who often keeps to herself and finds comfort in her quiet time. She is an easygoing girl who is pretty flexible and adaptable to most environments. Braelyn deserves the adults in her life to be there for her whenever she needs them.

Braeyln does well academically and often participates in after school activities during the school year like basketball and volleyball or will spend time in the after school program playing with peers.

Braelyn is an “I need to know” and "early to bed, early to rise" girl. She is able to best enjoy her day when she knows what the day holds for her. Predictability and routine are key! Better yet, including her in creating a plan or schedule can help her feel empowered and connected to her potential adoptive family. A family who is intuitive, understanding, and attentive is a good match for Braelyn.

The right adoptive family for Braelyn could look a few different ways. Perhaps a single parent, with no other kids but lots of community support and oodles of adoration to give, where they can invest all the time in the world into getting to know and care for Braelyn. Or, maybe it’s a two-parent household with a much older sibling, like a teen big sister, who can be Braelyn’s role model and inspiration. Braelyn has lived in homes that practice Christianity and she has enjoyed attending church. She would most like to be in an adoptive family where she can continue attending church and exploring her faith. Braelyn deserves an adoptive family who is flexible, consistent, reliable, and structured. Inside Braelyn is a bit of an old soul, a deep thinker whose wheels are always spinning and pondering. She is ready to be truly accepted and surrounded by those who can prioritize her above everything else. Let’s find Braelyn the adoptive family she deserves.

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