Meet Malakii, Aamahree, and Aanaiah

Meet this engaging and active sibling trio!

Malakii is a happy kid with bright eyes and an infectious smile. Malakii has a keen sense of humor and is very funny and intelligent. He loves to read and some of his favorite books include the Captain Underpants and Dogman series. Malakii does well in math. He is a great observer and pays attention to details. Malakii is an active child, and enjoys being outside, biking, swimming, and fishing at a local lake, as well as playing with his siblings and neighborhood children.

Malakii is strongly attached to his two younger sisters. He can be protective if needed and truly enjoys playing with his siblings and receiving their attention. He is empathetic, kind, and is described as social and makes friends easily at school and at church. He enjoys time with his youth pastor and their family at his current church. Malakii likes to cuddle at times and will greet those he cares about with hugs.

Aamahree is a sweet, engaging kiddo. When she smiles, her eyes do too. Aamahree is funny and enjoys making others laugh and being silly. She can be quiet and a little shy and perhaps more thoughtful around who she gets close to and trusts but once she does, look out! She is very in tune to what is fair, and justice is important to her and she is always checking in with others. Physically affectionate, she is described as an active child who loves to be busy. She will “go and go until she drops” according to her foster parents. She loves animals, especially dogs, music and songs, watching movies, and playing with her siblings. Some of her favorite activities are biking, playing with friends and her siblings, and she is a great swimmer. She loves anything with dirt and has enjoyed gardening with her foster family. Aamahree is athletic and determined. She also caught two fish of considerable size recently and was very proud to be able to provide dinner that evening for the family.

Aamahree appears to be ready and excited to start kindergarten. She knows how to write her name, knows letters, and has other basic skills that will aide her in school. She is social and curious while being watchful of others. Aamahree is very attached and bonded to her siblings and current caregivers. She loves being a big sister and reminds people of that role sometimes. She is the number one fan of her brother, Malakii. She will often ask to include herself in any activity he is doing and will agree with what he says and does regularly stating, “me too.” Aamahree is attached to members of her church family and friends. She loves engaging with activities that include her friends and foster family and will greet those she cares about with hugs. She also doesn't mind being in charge!

Aanaiah is also a happy kid with a sweet smile that is often contagious. She has a tremendous sense of humor. While she can be shy, she soon warms up once she gets to know you! Aanaiah is friendly and curious about the world around her. She likes to play independently, but is often drawn to play with others and will imitate their play and interactions when they are not watching. She loves to dress up, to sing, and is musically inclined. Playing princess and having dolls and stuffed animals makes her happy. She is also fond of her favorite blanket. She is a good bike rider and enjoys the water. Affectionate with others, she loves her older siblings and often will follow them around attempting to get their attention.

Aanaiah knows her alphabet, loves counting things, and has a great vocabulary. She seems to really want to understand things and will ask many questions about the way the world around her works. Aanaiah is very attached and bonded to her siblings and her current caregivers. She is very close to her older sister Aamahree and will often “parrot” what Aamahree and Malakii say. She loves her church family and is very fond of some friends she has made.

This trio will need caregivers who have lots of energy and who can be affectionate and available. The ideal adoptive family will have an active lifestyle and will encourage the kids in their school activities, sports, and artistic interests. A potential adoptive family who can offer different opportunities for each child to be challenged, and increase their confidence will be ideal. These siblings will do best in a family that is culturally sensitive and will provide opportunities and activities for them to explore their multiracial heritage and culture. These kids will also really like to stay connected to their current foster family and will need help and support to transition to their new permanent family.

These wonderful kiddos will bring many smiles and adventures to the right adoptive family! Let’s find them the one they deserve.

Could you see Malakii, Aamahree, and Aanaiah as part of your family?

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