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Destini is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Passionate about: Dance
Future goal: Go to college
Favorite show: Glee
Ideal family: Understands teens

Destini had a vision for what she wanted to share with families - so they could get a glimpse into who she is.

How to describe Destini in just a few words? Impossible! But here are a few to only begin scratching the surface: considerate, sociable, outgoing, charming. Destini has a slew of interests and the drive to follow through on all of them.

One of her biggest passions is rhythm and music. Destini is a dancer (be sure to check out her full dance routine below that she wanted to share as a part of her profile!). Previously on the school dance team, she practiced every single day and always showed an incredible amount of responsibility in her preparation. Destini has taken numerous dance classes and brings her knowledge and talent to her performance. On the dance team, Destini loved the bonding and friendships she made, as well as the opportunity to push herself and continuously improve. Needless to say, Destini loves to move, especially to her favorite music – either catchy pop like Taylor Swift or rock like Green Day or Paramore.

Photos by Katy Cox, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

Destini is really adventurous. From cheer camp to horseback riding; swimming at the aquatic center to meeting the animals at the local shelter, she likes to try everything. It’s why she thinks she’d be sorted into the Gryffindor (or Hufflepuff) house from Harry Potter – she is both “brave” and “kind.” In her downtime, Destini is an avid reader. As you can tell, Destini has read all of the Harry Potter books and really loves the movies as well. She likes to keep up on the happenings of her favorite YouTubers and she is an entertainment buff who loves to quote movies and TV shows on a regular basis. Her favorite show? Glee! Another of her ventures is cooking! Experimenting with new recipes and providing food to the people in her home is one of Destini’s favorite things to do. She brushes up on her technique by watching the cooking channels, soaking in new ideas and recipes from the pros.

On the strengths of teens: “[They] bring a lot of understanding. They understand a lot of adult things. You can talk to them about stuff, ya know?"

Dance is one of Destini's passions. So she wanted to perform one of her favorite team routines she's been practicing this year.

Destini is interested in taking classes at the local community college for two years before transferring to a university. In high school, Destini loved learning about a variety of subjects; namely science and any class that incorporated reading. Destini is also super passionate about photography, which may be something she pursues in her future.

At school (and otherwise), she is extroverted and personable – people like to be around her. As is true in all areas of her life, Destini is ambitious and really wants to do well in school, now and in the future. Simply put, she is always trying her best.

Destini is interested in finding a stable home environment. Destini has overcome plenty in her life, and at this point, would like to be in a home that can maybe transition into a potential adoption. Destini enjoys conversing openly and honestly with trusted adults in her life. As she works through some apprehension about her future, it would be really nice for her to have a family to support and guide her. Destini has an innate desire to please others. She is animated and expressive and a complete blast to spend time with. She deserves a place to call home.

Destini would do well in a family with a strong mother figure, and though she would be fine being an only child, having older brothers and/or sisters would be really special. With the help of a stable home and a supportive family, Destini will continue to fulfill her goals and dreams. If you are a family who is interested in getting to know Destini, please let us know!

Beyond the Profile: You know the feeling when you see someone come alive in the midst of their passion? To see Destini on the dance floor is to see just that – a teenager fully immersed in what she loves. Confident, talented, and driven. Dance was one of the first things that came to mind for Destini as she thought about what she might want to share through an In-Depth Profile. But not just dance. Destini said yes to the opportunity to be her own storyteller, to give a small glimpse into who she is and what makes her authentic and unique. To share a piece of yourself with potential families is no small thing. It takes bravery to be willingly open and reflective. And Destini has all of those. Her enthusiasm and energy are authentically her and I’m thrilled that potential families can be introduced to the ‘real’ Destini.

-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Nick Baumgartner

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