Meet Xykky

Meet adventurous Xykky (pronounced "Za Kye")! He is a smart, affectionate, and engaging kid. This charismatic and talkative child loves sports, particularly basketball (go Lakers!) and soccer. Xykky's favorite color is "golden," his favorite books are Pokémon, his favorite games are Sorry, Uno, and the card game Match, and his favorite movie is Fantastic Four. When its time to head to the kitchen, Xykky's food of choice is cheese pizza and his yummiest treat is cookies. A good helper, Xykky enjoys doing things one on one with adults. He is also a big fan of animals in general, and ADORES cats in particular.

A curious learner, Xykky enjoys school. The school he currently attends is able to offer the extras he needs in an educational setting. Consistency, clear communication, and support at times of transition make all the difference. Xykky thrives with individual adult attention and support.

Xykky has some biological connections that will be important to explore in the future. He also has a very close relationship with his current caregivers; this relationship will be one to maintain and lean on once he joins an adoptive family.

An active child, Xykky would benefit from a family who is able to support lots of opportunities for Xykky to be physically active, exert his energy, and stay safe. Patient caregivers who provide support and direction work well for Xykky.

Xykky will best be supported by a family that maintains structure, routine, consistency, while also incorporating playful engagement and nurturing care. Xykky does awesome with flexibility, lots of patience and guidance, and helpful reminders. Xykky deserves parents with warmth, who can smooth out transitions, and who have the know-how to build a loving connection with him.

Xykky will benefit from a family that helps him stay closely connected to his identity, culture, and race. Xykky is African American and his culture needs to be embraced and supported by his new family. Xykky was also connected to Christian religion in the past and attended church regularly.

Xykky strongly desires to feel a sense of belonging and permanency with a family who will be there for him through thick and thin. If you are energetic and ready with your time and commitments to transform the life of a child and to have yours transformed as well, please consider reaching out about Xykky.

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