Meet Hayden

When you first meet Hayden, he can be described as a “man of few words.” Hayden may seem initially shy, but that changes once he gets to know you. Hayden is sociable and talkative and those that get the privilege of meeting him are pretty lucky. An active kid, Hayden enjoys riding his bike and exploring the world. Hayden's particular interests are Legos, puzzles, dinosaurs, and books about space. He loves to color and enjoys word search puzzles when he needs a more low-key activity. Hayden has a healthy appetite and adores food; his favorite food is macaroni and cheese.

Hayden just started 3rd grade. He is working hard on reading and really enjoys math! He is successful through the help of supportive plan that helps him to stay focused and to show off his academic potential. Hayden’s adoptive parents should be excited to help guide him around things like team activities, after school programs, and in general how to continue building positive relationships with his peers.

Hayden is full of adventure! He needs his adults to be willing to adventure intensively alongside him, even if that sometimes means taking things down a notch and reigning in the fun. For instance, Hayden loves water and this is a great activity to keep him busy. However, if left solely on his own, you may find the sink has expanded into a mini water park!

Hayden can't wait to embrace the many fun and enriching activities he hasn't yet been exposed to! He is currently in a home with other children and has been doing well there. While he would very much enjoy having siblings, he deserves caregivers who can prioritize his needs and emotions. He deserves parents who will show him his value and worth on a daily basis so he can understand what an amazing young man he is.

Hayden does well in a home with clear boundaries, structured routines, and guidelines. He enjoys other children and desires to have his parent support him in making and deepening friendships. Hayden thrives with a caregiver who engages with him in activities and services. He deserves a family who will stand by his side (not on the sidelines!) and help him to learn and be successful in reaching his full potential. He responds well to redirection and taking some time for himself when needed.

Hayden has ongoing contact with some important folks in his life and would like to maintain that relationship.

Hayden will bring so much liveliness and excitement into your world. Are you ready to go on space flights, ride bikes, and build with Legos until Hayden's heart is content? Well, then prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

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