Meet Christian

If you’re ready to laugh, spend some time with Christian. They say laughter is the best medicine, and spending time with this kid, it becomes clear quickly that the old adage is true. Christian is often cracking jokes and making others laugh, or laughing alongside them. He’s a great kid with a great sense of humor that he loves to share with others.

Currently in the 9th grade, Christian states that math is his favorite subject. He’s always been good at it and as he enters his high school years, will continue to hone in on that skill. Christian displays really great leadership skills, inside and outside of the classroom, and enjoys being a role model for others. He has made great progress in school recently and would benefit from an adoptive family who can encourage his progress.

Sports are really up Christian’s alley, especially football and basketball. He spends a lot of time at the YMCA where he can practice his athleticism and socialize with his friends. Both at school and when he spends time at the YMCA, Christian prides himself on having thoughtful conversations, being a good friend to others, and helping out the people he loves when they’re going through a hard time. While hanging out at the YMCA, Christian enjoys playing pool or basketball, otherwise he’s swimming. In the past, Christian played football for his school team and is potentially interested in doing so again in the future.

Music is another aspect of Christian’s life that brings him a lot of joy. He likes a bit of everything, but especially rap and hip-hop. Cardi B is his current favorite artist. His other interests are drawing, being on his phone, playing Xbox, and, as aforementioned, spending time at the YMCA.

Christian has a close relationship with his brother. An adoptive family who will support that relationship will be essential.

An adoptive family who canguide and support Christian as he navigates his high school years will be really beneficial for his future. Christian is a great kid with an awesome sense of humor. He would do well in any family configuration and will make anyone’s home one that is full of laughter. If you can envision Christian as a part of your family, please reach out to us!

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