Meet Quan’Taniya

How best to describe Quan’Taniya? A few words that come to mind are bright, insightful, passionate. She has been called “wise beyond her years.” She is creative, engaging, and extremely polite. At this point in her life, she is ready and excited for her future, as she has begun to envision it in a positive light. Quan’Taniya has so many passions and with the right adoptive family, she will be able to continue to pursue them while looking excitedly to her future.

Quan’Taniya is a big reader, though her very favorite book is Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. When she isn’t reading, you may find Quan’Taniya coloring, singing, or journaling – her creativity knows no bounds. Quan’Taniya also has an interest in fashion and is bold and stylish in her choices. She loves playing around with her hair and definitely expresses a lot of her creativity through new hairstyles. Quan’Taniya takes pride in her appearance and sense of fashion and also loves to play around with makeup.

Currently in high school, Quan’Taniya has made really awesome progress in her education. She is proud of her improved grades and has even made the honor roll. Quan’Taniya works extra hard to stay caught up and will really benefit from a family who can be educational advocates and root for her to keep studying and making great progress in school.

Quan’Taniya really values the experience of being independent, especially financially. She has a solid sense of her own identity and has made a lot of positive choices in her life lately. She has maintained part-time jobs in the past and is invested in her future. She has mentioned that she may want to be either a traveling nurse (she is really excited to travel in general) or a dental hygienist in the future. Quan’Taniya is also a great cook and really enjoys helping make dinner as often as possible. (Should also be noted that Quan’Taniya is a big fan of chocolate and Panda Express.)

There are a few members of Quan’Taniya’s biological family that she may want to keep in touch with. An adoptive family who can support those bonds will be essential.

An adoptive family who can provide unconditional support to Quan’Taniya will be wonderful for her. Quan’Taniya would do well in an environment where she can feel valued. She does best with strong maternal support and would be happy with or without siblings in the home.

If you can envision Quan’Taniya in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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