Meet Junior

Smart, inquisitive, and independent, Junior is an awesome kid who will make a great addition to the right adoptive family. Great at advocating for himself and knowing what he wants, Junior is super focused on being as responsible as possible. An adoptive family who will provide Junior with the opportunity to continue to learn how to be responsible while focusing on his independence will be a great fit for him.

Those who are lucky enough to spend time with Junior describe him as fun to be around and caring. Junior is also protective of and loving to his biological siblings. An adoptive family who will support these connections throughout his life will be essential.

Junior has a bright smile that shines extra when he is lost in his imagination, which is often in the form of building with Legos, participating in art projects, or even skateboarding. Junior enjoys being active and participating in outdoor activities; he has also done karate and Zumba in the past and is excited about opportunities to participate in more activities with his peers. He will benefit from an adoptive family that is able to engage him in community activities and support him as he works on forming new friendships. Junior also feels a connection with dogs, so a family that enjoys dogs will be great!

Currently in the 3rd grade, Junior has made progress in the classroom with the help of one-on-one support from his teachers. Junior is super smart and excels in math and spelling, and generally enjoys figuring out how things work. Junior is able to focus best in structured environments with consistent rules and boundaries. An adoptive family that is able to incorporate positive words, encouragement, and affirmations into their routine will really help Junior adjust and feel comfortable.

Junior is self-reflective, empathetic, and kind, especially after he feels comfortable with someone new. He will thrive in a family that is stable, patient, and loving and that understands his need for consistency. Though he will do well in most family configurations, an adoptive family who can spend ample amounts of time with Junior as he adjusts to a new home will be ideal.

If you can see Junior in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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