Meet Gabrielle, Carter, Gabe, and Olivia

Gabrielle, or “Gabby” as she likes to be called, loves to watch movies, jump on the trampoline, and play outside on her bike. She is also an animal lover, especially of dogs and would love to have a dog to care for in her adoptive home. She is enjoying the freedom of just being a kid, rather than taking on the responsibilities of caring for her younger siblings. She is an amazing little girl who is blossoming with the stability and security of nurturing caregivers in her life. In school, she benefits from engaged parent advocates who can cheer her on and ensure she gets the extra support she needs to succeed.

Energetic little Carter loves to read books, play games, and build things. He gets along well with his siblings and enjoys playing with them. Easily excited and active, he needs adults to be on their A game in order to keep up and help him navigate the world and all it has to offer. He prefers the continuous support and companionship of loving caregivers to help him feel safe and loved. Academically, he is a bright kid and is able to understand concepts and be successful in his education. Though school itself can feel pretty overwhelming when you’re young, Carter has so much potential! It will be a delight to see him grow into a confident little guy with the loving support of an adoptive family.

Just like the cars and race tracks he adores, Gabe is full of energy and ready to zoom! He loves to play with his siblings, and adores being outside. Gabe attended preschool last year which really helped him thrive. For kindergarten, he will do well in a smaller classroom that will help him continue to grow in his education. Gabe needs very engaged, on-the-ground parents who can prioritize quality time.

Olivia, the youngest of all her siblings, is on the quieter side and has a very sweet personality. She loves to cuddle and spend time with the people she cares about. Olivia loves to play with dolls, ride her bike with her siblings, and jump on the trampoline. Olivia is also a dog lover, and always wants to cuddle with her foster family’s big Australian Malamute. Olivia will do best with a caregiver who will engage with her in enrichment activities such as reading, puzzles, and putting blocks together.

The sibling group has some important family connections to maintain. These children identify with their Hispanic heritage and it is important to find caregivers who are supportive and open to helping these children explore and take pride in their culture.

Gabby and her siblings need a family that can devote the time and energy that they deserve. They are wonderful children with so much love to give. Patient caregivers who are able to be flexible is a must. Structure and routine works well for these children and they need a family who will invest the time to really connect with them. These children need a true sense of belonging. We are looking for skilled caregivers who can provide for the many varied needs of these children, while also ensuring that they have a loving, permanent home to grow up in.

As the oldest, Gabby understands the concept of adoption the best and very much wants a permanent family. She desires a home and family where her siblings can be safe and together. Please consider reaching out if you could be just the right fit for this foursome.

Could you see Gabrielle, Carter, Gabe, and Olivia as part of your family?

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