Meet Elijah

To introduce you to Elijah, we’ll start with a story from his social worker:

“One time Elijah greeted me on my visit to him with 'knock, knock’ and I said ‘who's there?’ He said 'Izza’ and I responded ‘Izza who?’ He swung his arms wide, gave a huge smile, and said, ‘Izza life amazing!?!’”

And life is amazing if you have the positive energy that Elijah has. Elijah is very engaging and really likes to meet and get to know new people. He’s super chatty and genuinely shows an interest in others. He has a fun sense of humor and loves to joke and make people smile.

For fun, Elijah loves to get outside and be active. He’s super interested in being involved in as many sports as possible, though he has a special fondness for martial arts. When he was younger, he played soccer and was extremely good at it and was (and is!) always proud of his accomplishments. It’s really important to Elijah for his future adoptive family to have an interest in the outdoors and being active. Additionally, he likes camping, fishing, and riding his bike or scooter. Besides getting outside and spending as much time as he can in the sun, Elijah likes to read books and play video games.

Currently in the 7th grade, Elijah is doing well in school and gets lots of support to help motivate and guide him. With the current changes in school, Elijah has worked even harder and is doing great.

Elijah has a close relationship with his biological sister. An adoptive family who can keep him connected to her will be essential.

For Elijah, there is a real desire to be adopted by the right family. He has never given up hope for finding the right adoptive family. Elijah values family ties very much and is quite sentimental -- he likes to collect photos and treasured baseball cards to add to his personal collection, to help tell his life story. Elijah is also well known for writing deep letters to the people in his life, perhaps for a birthday or holiday, or sometimes just to express his love.

The ideal adoptive family for Elijah will be patient, active, and supportive. Elijah has shared a few things he really hopes to find in an adoptive family. He hopes that his future adoptive family will accept and love him. He hopes they will like sports and going outside and being active. He thinks it would be fun to have pets. Elijah likes the idea of being an only child or in a family with kids older than him.

If you can see Elijah in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: Elijah has a great capacity to learn from someone who will take the time to be with him and teach him how to be a part of the family. He needs to be scooped up and loved unconditionally. And when he tests the boundaries or commitment of the relationship, he needs to have someone who will talk with him and show forgiveness. Elijah has the tendency to feel unwanted and needs a strong parent who will help him move through to the light on the other side.

-Elijah's social worker

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