Meet Josiah

Very easy to talk to and spend time with, Josiah is an awesome kid who is ready to find the right adoptive family. Josiah enjoys spending time outside, especially if he gets the chance to play one of his two favorite sports. Both a basketball and a soccer guy, Josiah would do well in an adoptive family who enjoys playing together so he can practice his jump shot!

When he isnt playing outside, Josiah is likely sorting through his Pokémon cards or playing Xbox, though there is another physical activity that Josiah is really passionate about: hip-hop dancing! Josiah is also always up for a game night — he loves board and card games!

Josiah has a really fun personality and does really well with adults. Its best to provide clear expectations to Josiah, who appreciates open communication and a routine. Currently in the 3rd grade, Josiah just loves math and does his best with a person or team to motivate him! An adoptive family who can support Josiah as he continues to set educational goals will be great.

Josiah has a really close relationship with his aunt and uncle and spends a lot of time video chatting with them. An adoptive family who will support and nurture this bond will be essential.

Another interest of Josiah’s is building and crafting. An adoptive family who enjoys working on a project together will be a great fit for Josiah.

An adoptive family who is structured, positive, and stable will be the best fit for Josiah. Any family configuration, especially a two-parent home, will be a good fit for Josiah as long as they can provide him with patience, love, and quality time. Josiah is loving and inquisitive and deserves the right adoptive family.

If you can see him in yours, please reach out to us! Were excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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