Meet Ray

A fun fact about Ray? He is the proud owner of a collection of cool and unique erasers. He will happily show them off to anyone interested in the assortment. In addition to collecting, Ray is very enthusiastic about his love of sports. His favorites are football, basketball, and baseball, all which he is involved with presently in his life. Playing team sports has been a really special thing for Ray. His involvement keeps him connected to his older biological brothers, who inspired him to start playing and who he looks up to as mentors, both in the world of sports and in general. Team sports have also been a great motivator for Ray to do well in school. Ray has flourished since he’s been playing.

When he isn’t playing football, basketball, or baseball, Ray can be found riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, or just generally being social. Ray has an amazing sense of humor and is super outgoing. He can strike up a conversation with just about anybody, at any time. He’s great at expressing himself and discussing what he wants and needs. An adventurous guy, Ray is also unafraid to try new things.

In school, Ray has made a lot of progress, largely due to his enthusiasm for playing sports. He has great goals for his future and really wants to go to college one day, just like his older brothers. An adoptive family who can help Ray focus and stay motivated in school will be great for him.

As aforementioned, Ray has a really good relationship with his biological brothers and other family members and will need an adoptive family who will support those bonds. His social worker would particularly like to hear from families that are local to Washington.

Ray is a great kid who will do well in any family configuration, though he has noted that he would really like a dog. (He loves animals.) An adoptive family who loves sports and outdoor adventures would be a particularly good fit for this athlete.

If you can envision Ray in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Ray as part of your family?

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