Meet Bernie

A great sense of humor and a reflective mindset are just two of the best things about Bernie, a great kid who we hope to find the right adoptive family for. Plenty of teenagers are social, but to Bernie, her friends are the world. Being able to stay connected and spend time with the people in her life is super important to her. Bernie is very outgoing and likes to be connected to her loved ones.

In her freetime, Bernie has a number of hobbies that bring her joy. She loves to dance and is very interested in gymnastics. She’s a huge reader who will always get excited by a fresh new book. Listening to music is a favorite pastime, especially while she relaxes and picks up one of her favorite coloring books to help her find some time to just chill out.

Cheerful and enthusiastic, Bernie would do well with an adoptive family who can help her find opportunities to be involved. Bernie will also do very well with an adoptive family who loves cats as much as she does, which is a lot. She really adores cats and really, really would like to be adopted into a home that has cats or is willing to get one (or two! or three)!

Currently in school, Bernie is working hard to find her motivation and keep up on her assignments. An adoptive family who can encourage Bernie will be a great addition to her life. Bernie does dream of going to college and has mentioned that she would like to one day be a pathologist.

Bernie is a strong advocate for herself and will do well in an adoptive family with one or two parents who can help her realize her full potential. Bernie is an amazing kid who loves cats, sushi, and being social. She deserves the right adoptive family.

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