Meet Joshua "Josh"

Families who are in Idaho, particularly close to the Oregon border, are strongly encouraged to inquire.

This dirt bike riding, pizza eating, great kid’s name is Josh. When Josh grows up, he wants to be a cop! He loves to play video games and watch YouTube videos. Josh is a very friendly and kind kid. Josh enjoys being outside and can often be found riding his bike or jumping on the trampoline. He interacts well with his peers at school and enjoys being involved in games and activities. Josh likes to play soccer. Josh appears to be comfortable talking to adults as well. He is easy to have a conversation with, and he often has many questions about how things work.

Josh loves to eat anything, from hamburgers to broccoli, but his favorite place to eat is McDonald's. At school Josh is described as respectful in class. Josh likes school and has an easy time making friends. His favorite subject at school is science. One teacher said he is a pleasure to have in class and has a lot of potential. Josh is working hard to get up to speed academically now that he is able to attend regularly!

Josh has a special relationship and regular contact with important people who have been in his life. He will need his adoptive parent(s) to actively support this connection.

Josh’s mood is described as generally upbeat; however, he does have times when he feels down. Listening to music, playing a game, or watching YouTube videos are great ways for him to raise his spirits. His favorite song is “Rooftops" by Marshmello and his favorite band is Fall Out Boy.

When asked what is important to him to have in a family, Josh stated, “a mom and dad, a dog, and a brother.” Josh interacts well with children both younger and older than he is and would do well in a family with both younger and/or older children. Josh is ready to explore all that life has to offer with a fun, supportive and encouraging adoptive family!

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