Meet Pia

Special Note:

Pia is excited to be adopted and has two brothers, Jayden and Evan, who would like to be adopted with him. The boys' social worker is open to hearing from families who will consider either adopting all three boys together or who are committed to keeping a close relationship with Jayden and Evan's future adoptive family throughout their lives. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

A great big brother and self-advocate, Pia is an awesome kid who is hopeful to be adopted by the right family. Pia is very close to his siblings – an older brother and sister and two younger brothers, Jayden and Evan – and is very family-oriented. While he’s eager and hopeful to be adopted, the most important thing is for him to remain close to his family. An adoptive family who is willing and eager to maintain his relationships will be essential.

What does Pia love the most besides his family? Sports and getting outside. Previously, Pia played soccer and really loved being involved in the game. He’s really focused on playing football right now and when school and extracurricular activities pick back up, he’ll hopefully be able to play. In the meantime, Pia loves playing any sport he has access to. When visiting his brothers, they’re usually shooting hoops or throwing a football around in the yard. An active family who can encourage Pia’s love of sports and help him get more involved would really help him thrive. Even when he isn’t playing a game, Pia cherishes the chance to be outside.

Currently in the 7th grade, Pia is doing his best in school. He’s actively working on getting his grades up and becoming more social. An adoptive family who can advocate for him and help him navigate the middle school years will be great for his future in school.

Pia also enjoys playing video games and he has a real talent for Magic: The Gathering, another game he enjoys playing with his brothers.

As aforementioned, Pia is very family-oriented. His big brother and sister are great role models for him and have remained a consistent and positive connection for him and his younger brothers. An adoptive family who is willing to consider adopting Pia, Jayden, and Evan together, or at least keep them in close touch with one another will be important for all three boys.

Pia does want to be adopted and is full of hope and love. More than anything, Pia wants to find a place to call home. Being included and being a part of a family unit would mean the world to Pia. Pia will do well in an adoptive family with one or two strong maternal influences. An adoptive family who is active, loving, and excited to welcome Pia and his brothers, either under one roof or separately, will be the best fit for him.

If you can see Pia in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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