Meet Pia

What brings Pia the most joy is sports, especially football, his current game of choice. He’s actually on his high school’s football team these days, and can play multiple positions. As long as he’s on the field, he’s happy. When he’s not at practice, Pia enjoys hanging out outside, riding his bike with the neighbors.

Pia also enjoys playing video games during his down time and really loves music, especially rap.

Currently in his freshman year of high school, Pia is a great student who most enjoys math. He plans to go to college in the future and wants to have a career that helps people. He’s currently interested in becoming a social worker or a firefighter. Pia’s compassion and empathy are clear in his actions, like providing food to his unhoused neighbors. He looks forward to good conversation with folks, especially once he gets to know them. His social worker says:

“Pia is a sweet kid, and is respectful to others. He’s funny and has a big heart.”

Though it was once a bit challenging for Pia to advocate for himself, in the past year he’s flourished and has become a strong advocate for himself and for others. He has a forgiving soul and a caring spirit and is very goal-oriented.

When asked about a future home, Pia himself is open to any family dynamic, as long as the family is local. His team is eager to hear from families with a mother-father dynamic, particularly families with a strong male role model who can show Pia what a good dad is.

Pia is full of hope and love and more than anything, wants to find a place to permanently call home. Being included and being a part of a family unit would mean the world to Pia. Families who are patient and will work with Pia to feel comfortable and welcome will be a great fit. If you're a sports-loving family who can’t wait to cheer Pia on at every football game, please reach out! We’re excited to find Pia the permanent home he deserves.

Could you see Pia as part of your family?

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