Meet Maya

Maya is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Find her: Cooking up something new
When not cooking: Dancing, singing, and painting
Believes in: Doing kind things for others
Really wants: To be adopted

Passionate and artistic, Maya has a love for all things creative. By dedicating herself to baking, music, singing, and dance, Maya is continually learning about herself and her creative mindset. Maya is an exceptionally kind person who is well-liked by everyone. She is also a bright and avid reader who enjoys being in school.

Maya has so much to share about herself, and decided that making a cooking video to share with potential adoptive families would be a great place to start!

Maya’s love of arts and crafts encompasses all types of creativity, from painting, to cooking to music. Shes always listening to music, of course, but even more so, she loves dancing to it. She’s been known to bust out a move or two during all parts of a day! Her positive energy is often displayed through her appreciation of music. A family who loves and supports all kinds of creative endeavors would be a great fit for Maya.

Maya was excited to share her love for music. Don't miss five of her recommended pop songs below (three of which are Billie Eilish!)

Currently in the 9th grade, Maya really enjoys being in school and her passions perfectly align with her favorite subjects in school. English and choir are what Maya most looks forward to; considering her love of reading and music, it’s no wonder why. At school, Maya also got to write a play for her class to perform, which was an incredible project for her! Maya is also an active kid who is interested in joining several team sports in the future, especially basketball or volleyball.

Maya also says this about music: "When I play a song, I remember a certain point in time. So music holds memories to me."

Maya adores all animals. She’s even described a particular pet as the "love of her life." She finds comfort and joy in being around all living creatures, especially if they’re cuddly. Maya would love to be able to adopt a cat or a dog in the near future! Without a doubt, a dog to accompany Maya on her routine walks and hikes would be a great addition to her life. Whether it’s during a walk or while baking, Maya always enjoys having deep conversations. A family who values sharing activities and talking about any and everything while they do so will be able to provide Maya with the routine and comfort, she is familiar with.

As you can see, Maya enjoyed using photos to show a few more things she likes to do.

Reading is a really important aspect of Maya’s life as well. She is a very avid reader who loves to discover new books, new authors, and new genres. Reading provides Maya with a way to relax and spend time with herself.

As Maya continues to think about her future and what it might look like, it's important for potential families to meet her where she's at. Sometimes, Maya is eager to be adopted, and sometimes she's more interested in just having a permanent place to call home. When she thinks of her ideal home, Maya has told her social worker that she’s most interested in being adopted by a Black family who can share in her cultural background and/or by a nonbinary or LGBTQ+ family. It's important to Maya that her future home reflects her own identity and is loving and accepting of people of all backgrounds.

Maya's team is eager to hear from experienced families who fit Maya's vision and can also support her as she slowly transitions into their home and lives. Her team thinks families who are affirming, practical, and excited to be there with Maya as she journeys through life are the best fit. (Oh, and if they have a dog, great!)

If you are a family who would welcome the opportunity to grow and learn with Maya, as she becomes a valued and beloved member of your family, please reach out to us!

Maya and Brandon (NWAE staff) go behind the scenes of this In-Depth Profile - and Maya shares even more that she wants potential families to know about her.

Could you see Maya as part of your family?