Meet Miguel

Looking for a pal to go on adventures with you? Well, Miguel is ready! This kid is totally invigorated by the outdoors and jumps on any chance to play outside. Strong and active, Miguel enjoys climbing the rock wall, exercising, going to the beach, and swimming. When outside playing or on a walk, Miguel is probably seeking out his favorite little creatures -- basically any bug. He’s really fascinated by them!

Of course, Miguel likes to hang out indoors from time to time. When inside, he’s likely playing a video game or a game on his tablet, or working on one of his latest jokes. Miguel has a big, engaging personality and he just really loves to make people laugh. He’ll tell a joke, play a funny game, or do one of his hilarious impressions to make sure everyone has a smile on their face.

Bright and articulate, Miguel does well in his classroom environment. Currently in the 4th grade, Miguel is most able to be successful when he has encouragement and a teacher or mentor by his side. Miguel is a naturally curious person and asks a lot of questions, which is a great way for him to learn more about the world around him. He did well with school online but enjoys being at school much more.

Before the pandemic,, Miguel participated in a small theatre and circus performance group that he was really excited about! He really loves the chance to play in this fun environment and he’s formed friendships with the other kiddos in the group. Community participation, especially if it helps Miguel expend some energy, is awesome for him. In a post-pandemic world, Miguel would love to get involved again.

Miguel would do well in an adoptive family who is great at setting clear boundaries and structure. Miguel thrives in those environments. He will do best in an active and nurturing family with a strong father figure, though he also really wants a mom. An adoptive family with two parents and one or two older siblings would be ideal for Miguel. He also does well with pets, so it might be fun for him to get one with his adoptive family, or be adopted into a family who already has furry friends for him to play with; he is most interested in having a dog and frog.Miguel has had the chance to participate in a variety of Native American cultural events and activities — a great way for him to learn more about his heritage. An adoptive family who will seek out opportunities like this for Miguel throughout his life will be great.

If you can see Miguel in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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