Meet Bryson, Brenton, Preston, and Emma

Bryson, Brenton, Preston, and Emma are energetic, caring, thoughtful children with curious and active minds. Some of their favorite activities include playing outside on a playground (especially on the swings), puzzles, arts and crafts, and Legos. These children thrive on special one-on-one time with their caregivers. The children are currently living in two separate homes and are so eager to live together again in their permanent adoptive family. These children are hoping for adoptive parents who enjoy the outdoors, being active, and who commit to providing them with the love and support they deserve.

As the oldest, Bryson is very independent, a deep thinker, and loves animals of all kind. As far as Bryson is concerned, cats take the cake. In his own words, “if I could be any animal in the world, I would be a cat.” As much as Bryson loves playing outside on playgrounds, physical activities, finding rocks on the beach, and looking for salamanders and other creepy crawlies outdoors, he also enjoys quiet spaces, building Lego sets, watching movies with his current caregivers, and listening to music.

Bryson has made huge gains in school and went from not reading much to proudly reading out loud in school and at home. Bryson has a supportive plan and currently has a tutor outside of school. It is important that his caregivers be involved with school, his plan, and are great educational advocates for him.

High energy Brenton is a natural, take-charge leader who likes to stay busy. Very caring, Brenton is always willing to help and defend others. Brenton is especially helpful with his younger sister. Brenton’s favorite activities include Legos, video games, drawing, riding bikes, and LOTS AND LOTS OF PUZZLES! At times, Brenton can be very talkative and other times he, too, can be a deep thinker, taking his time to respond and be thoughtful about his answers.

Same as his older brother, Brenton has a supportive plan in school. Since moving to a new smaller classroom setting with individualized teaching, Brenton has made huge gains and says he really likes his teachers!

Preston is a kind, shy, but very silly child who can easily be convinced to make silly faces for the camera once you get him to open up. Preston loves riding his bike outside, playing video games, bubbles, drawing, and creating creatures with play dough. Because of his shyness, it is important for Preston to not get lost among his siblings! Like his big brothers, Preston has a supportive plan in school. Preston has made huge progress this school year and has worked so hard to get to where he is now. He has been able to attend school regularly and remain in his regular classroom.

Oh boy, where to begin with Emma? Emma is an absolute steal-your-heart, fun-loving child who adores attention, especially from adults. A big cuddler, she soaks up one-on-one attention. Emma loves anything princess themed, dolls, having her hair braided, and stickers. Emma also loves being outside, being pushed on the swings, running around, and has no fear of getting dirty playing on the playground!

Emma is in an early education setting and really enjoys play time with her peers and teachers.

All four children have a strong relationship that will grow and change throughout their lives. This group, especially the older children, deserve parents that will help manage their environment, set limits, and step up so the kids can just focus on being kids! All four children were originally placed together, but have not been able to live all together for some time. It is recommended that their permanent home be one where all the children are together. They need caregivers who can support them in their sibling relationships and unite them as a family. Continued contact with their foster parents is very important and will help these children to be successful.

Bryson benefits from parental support to feel more comfortable expressing himself and communicating his needs. This helps prevent big feelings from burrowing inwards or bursting outwards. Bryson shows success when his caregivers, and other supportive helpers, provide him with clear expectations, structure, routine, supervision, and a safe environment to express himself.

Energetic Brenton likes to take charge of a group and situations. He needs a caregiver to remind him to focus on being a kid and to let go of his worries. Protective, Brenton stands up for peers in his classroom when he feels things are unfair. Brenton needs a caregiver that helps him feel calm and can help him know what to expect and what comes next.

Preston is quiet but energetic. He has had huge successes with support from school, his previous counselor, and his current caregiver. Preston has made so much progress regulating his own emotions. Emma has also made significant progress in learning about her emotions, though she is still learning how to share, especially with her brothers.

This quartet needs an experienced, strength-based, patient adoptive family that enjoys being active and spends time outdoors. They need a home that is structured, has a clear routine, and helps the children know what to expect. They need a family that will offer ample support to take breaks when needed, as well as someone who can be a strong advocate in every arena! These four would do best in a two-parent household where they can be the only children in the home. They would appreciate a home with a fenced yard because they thrive on playing outside in a backyard or playground and love animals, especially dogs and cats. Above all, this group needs a family who is 100% committed to providing four wonderful children with a permanent home. . . together!

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