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Forrest is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Loves: The smell of bacon in the morning
Can teach others: The techniques behind a great hairstyle
Find him: Riding his bike and exploring natural environments
Wants: A loving adoptive family

One thing that Forrest is careful to do every single day is style his hair. So, he directed and edited a video to show his daily routine to potential adoptive families

If you want to know what Forrest likes to do for fun, just look to the outdoors. Basically anything you can do outside, Forrest enjoys, but namely, he’s into the rush of an adventure. He loves to fish, four wheel, and snowmobile. He can frequently be found taking his bike for a spin around the block, riding his scooter around town, going for a swim, or jumping on the trampoline.

After a long day outside, Forrest will likely want to chill out by playing a videogame (namely Minecraft) or having a game night. He really enjoys card games and loves Monopoly. (He’s good at it, too.) For his most recent birthday, Forrest requested to stay in a hotel – another passion of his. Forrest also may head to the kitchen from time to time to practice cooking – he can whip up a pretty good omelet.

Currently in the 7th grade, Forrest has made great progress in his studies. He has worked hard to stay focused in class and does all of his assignments. He is proud to be right on the cusp of making honor roll this year! His favorite subject is science because it’s very interactive and hands-on. In the future, he’s expressed interest in going to a trade school to potentially become an electrical linesman. Previously, he was the manager of his school’s football team, and he would like to manage another sports team in the future.

Forrest's passion for environmental science and activities in nature are quick to observe!

Forrest is a super helpful, reserved, and loving kid. He’s a big fan of animals and was meticulous in providing care to his cat at a previous foster home. Forrest’s current foster mom says that he really enjoys telling jokes and having one-on-one time with the adults in his life. He has a small group of friends that he keeps close to him and tends to do well with new people in his life. Most of all, Forrest responds really well when he feels like he really belongs.

Drum-roll please! In the next three and a half minutes, you'll discover the five steps behind Forrest's exceptional looking hairstyle.

Forrest really wants to have a permanent home and family. He will do well in most family configurations, but would especially benefit from having male role models. He would do best in a family with older kids and will also appreciate undivided attention from time to time. A patient family who loves a good game night and can make Forrest feel like a true part of the family will be so special to him.

If you can envision this awesome kid in your family, reach out to us! Please note that with Forrest, families from Washington will be given a strong preference. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: Forrest made such a strong impression on Nick and me throughout his involvement in this profile. For starters, he was remarkably unintimidated by the idea of making a hairsytle tutorial. And watching him jump into a complex editing software, even memorizing keyboard shortcuts as he went along, was impressive to say the least! I couldn't help but imagine how Forrest's interests in science and technology will grow through the exciting teenage years that are ahead of him. But that's the stuff that clearly shows through in the videos. When the camera wasn't rolling, Forrest was the kind of kid that was just so easy to be in a conversation with. There's many things he enjoys deeply, and I think sharing these with adults and peers is definitely one of them. He notices the small stuff too, like the wonders of tree sap or the pure delight of smelling bacon in the morning. It was an absolute pleasure to help him create these stories, and we hope, just as he does, that it contributes to him finding his own adoptive family.

-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Brandon Adams

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