Meet Cyche "Cy"

Cyche is a traditional Hawaiian name which this little guy shortens to just “Cy." This is incredibly expressive of who Cy is at his core - decisive, uncomplicated, direct, and self-assured. His loving and active personality shines through when he is outdoors playing and exploring. This young boy loves experiencing nature, especially by camping or hiking or just searching for tadpoles in a nearby stream. He is content quietly fishing or making laps back and forth on the soccer field. Cy loves participating in all types of sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, and his favorite, swimming. When hanging out indoors, his creative side comes out as he enjoys building castles with Legos, sorting his Pokémon cards, playing Minecraft on his video system, or just cuddling up on the couch with a good chapter book. Cy is a very strong reader. He enjoys books from the Transformers and Ninja Turtles series.

Cy treasures being able to gather the eggs and feed the turkeys, chickens, and ducks on the mini farm he lives at. When it comes to dinnertime, Cy is not a picky eater; in fact he is very adventurous regarding food. He will try almost anything, and he is starting to form some opinions about what he likes or doesn’t like. His foster family only recently heard a request from him not to put pickles on his hamburger.

Cy is very loving and enjoys cuddles and hugs. As a very busy guy, down time is super important to keep him on track. Cy can get overwhelmed in busy environments but benefits from caregivers who are gentle, clear, and calm and can remind him to take some space. Cy also benefits from reassurance and patient understanding from the adults in his life. He will do his best with people in his life who respond calmly and consistently.

Cy has been making progress in school, with great effort on his part, responding positively to the helpful services that are available to him.

Cy has biological siblings who he really likes to keep in touch with. It will be important to Cy that he be given the opportunity to stay bonded with his siblings so that they can grow into adults who will share a common history.

Cy comes from a very large extended family and has fond memories of numerous family members. It will be important to Cy that he understand those connections and how they have influenced what kind of person he will become as an adult. Cy needs a supportive adoptive family who will have the capability of embracing his familial history.

The family who will be most successful with Cy is one with undying devotion and patience. A family who understands that forming bonds takes time and patience will be well equipped to making Cy feel comfortable. Cy will do best in a family where he can get the attention as an only or the youngest child in the home. He will also need a family who believes in lifelong sibling relationships and how to nurture such connections.

Could you see Cyche "Cy" as part of your family?

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