Meet Sage

Get the piano ready, Sage is in the house! This kiddo loves music and musical instruments, though the piano seems to be his very favorite. Besides music, Sage is super into technology and really enjoys playing with his remote cars. Sage is super happy to spend time at home but also really likes to chill out in his rocking chair, soaking in the sun and enjoying the nature around him. If he can get an ice-cream cone while he’s out in the sun, even better.

A very sweet kid, especially after he warms up to someone new, Sage is a joy to be around. He’s got a great sense of humor and likes to use his communication device to express what he needs, wants, and likes. He’s made huge strides in learning new signs to help him communicate even better! An adoptive family eager to work on communication with Sage will be really beneficial for him.

Currently in the 11th grade, Sage does well in his classroom environment. Sticking to a routine and his regular daily schedule works very well for Sage and his ability to learn.

As Sage continues to work on some important life skills, an adoptive family who will support him will be really helpful. Sage enjoys playing basketball and just loves going to the bowling alley -- an adoptive family who enjoys spending quality time in the garden or at the bowling alley will be a great fit for Sage.

Sage will do well in an experienced two-parent home with laid-back, kind, outgoing parents and one or two same-aged or older siblings. Sage is very close to his former foster parents and will likely want to maintain that relationship even after he’s adopted. A family who has a good routine in place and lots of knowledge about community resources and support will be the best fit for Sage.

If you can see this great kid in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find Sage the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Sage as part of your family?