Meet Mykel

If you go head-to-head with Mykel in a Marvel trivia contest, prepare to lose against him. Mykel knows everything about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from each character to individual storylines, and he’s more than happy to discuss the details with just about anyone. Currently, Deadpool is his favorite.

It’s not just Marvel movies, Mykel is a big film guy in general. He just loves movies of any kind and enjoys going to the theater with friends and family. Mykel collects movies and can discuss character and storylines in detail on many different films and franchises. He’s also a pretty big Star Wars fan and likes to collect toys and treasures from those movies as well.

One of his favorite hobbies is playing with LEGOs -- the more complicated the better. Mykel likes to collect complicated LEGO sets, especially Marvel and Star Wars, of course. Mykel has no problem spending hours putting together his LEGOs in great detail.

Very kind and caring, Mykel is a super friendly kid who really gets along well with adults in particular, though he has a few really close friends his age too. Mykel is a really empathetic person who cares a lot about others and is also a great advocate for himself. He’s charming and a great communicator who has a really positive outlook on life.

Currently a sophomore in high school, Mykel is a really goal-oriented student and likes being in school. Mykel has stated that he is really determined to be the first person from his family to graduate high school. An adoptive family who can encourage him and support him in meeting that goal will be so great for him. Mykel really wants to go to college and wants to get into graphic design and work on video games, though he’s also interested in working in the film industry or becoming an architect.

Technology also fascinates Mykel and he always wants to know about the newest editions to phones and other electronics. He also appreciates being able to connect with his friends using technology. Talking to friends and family is something that brings Mykel joy. He has a few close biological family members that will be essential for an adoptive family to support throughout his life.

Mykel remains optimistic and hopeful about the future and is super grateful for the efforts of adults around him. Mykel wants to be involved in his adoption recruitment and is excited to have a say in who his future adoptive family will be. Mykel would do well with a single parent or two parent family, with or without other kids in the home.

If you can see Mykel in your adoptive family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: I really appreciate that Mykel is always genuine and honest when we need to have hard conversations. He has a great sense of humor and usually is smiling and laughing. He is even able to make jokes about his difficult situations and has an "it is what it is" type of outlook when he is struggling. He is charming and kind and intelligent and artistic. He is engaging in conversation and can be an active listener too. I appreciate that Mykel is still so passionate about Lego creations, having no worries about seeming too old for this activity, and wants to continue making complicated Legos even as an adult (like in the Lego Movie, he says). -Social Worker, Gracie Volyn