Meet Zamora

Zamora is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Self-proclaimed: Dog lover
Dreams of: Traveling the world
Values: Her relationship with her siblings
Wants: To be adopted

Open-minded, talented, and always up to learn something new -- Zamora is just versatile like that. That's exactly the attitude she had when it came to creating her In-Depth Profile so she could share about herself directly with potential families. Learning what you like, what you’re good at, and what’s important to you is a huge part of being a teenager, and Zamora is right in the thick of it!

Zamora loves to spend her time playing sports, coloring, working on puzzles, watching movies, writing in her journal, reading, doing her makeup, and hanging out with her favorite animal, dogs. Zamora wants it noted that yes, as a teenager, she likes spending time in her room, talking on the phone, and keeping up on the latest internet trends.

Zamora wants families to know she likes coloring, traveling, and getting her hair and nails done

An active adventurer, Zamora loves to bike, take walks, and generally be out and about, especially when she gets to spend time with peers and friends her age. Zamora is a really fun person to be around. Whether it's just getting out in her neighborhood, or flying cross country for a warm weather vacay, Zamora loves to be on-the-go.

A very responsible person, it’s clear to see that Zamora is a natural leader. Empathetic, independent, and caring, Zamora has demonstrated some awesome leadership qualities that an adoptive family can look forward to helping her explore even further. Zamora has a few ideas about what she’d like to do when she grows up – she’s considering a career in law enforcement, firefighting, the army, or the music industry. A family who can help her navigate her options will be really great for her.

Zamora is looking for her own room, having dogs as pets, and a real, honest, and nice family

Currently in the 7th grade, Zamora is trying her best as she grasps the world of virtual learning. She likes to get good grades and is proud to work towards achieving them! She gravitates toward mentor relationships and appreciates being held accountable. With an adoptive family’s support and a permanent place to call home, Zamora will be able to fully focus on school and her extracurriculars, which she certainly deserves to be able to do.

Zamora’s relationships with her biological siblings are highly important to her. An adoptive family who will support these bonds is essential.

A map of where Zamora wants to travel, not including Paris

Zamora wants to share that she would like an African American mom and would prefer to be the only child with her own room. Zamora added that she would love to spend time with her mom living the city life -- shopping, traveling, watching movies, and spending quality time together. Zamora would like a loving parent(s) who also values her independence.

Zamora’s social worker is excited to hear from local families in Washington, especially with strong maternal figures. She would do really well in an African American family, or a family with close ties to her culture. Zamora would love to have her own room, but is also excited at the prospect of having siblings her age or older, as long as she has her own space too! More than anything, Zamora needs a foundation to blossom from and a positive home environment to help her as she continues to learn to embrace life and build up her optimism. She deserves it.

Beyond the Profile: Zamora’s In-Depth Profile had to be completed virtually due to COVID-19. Even though Zamora understandably prefers face-to-face conversations, she still wanted to collaborate virtually because it was that important to her to have her voice be front and center on her profile. It was a quick process to get comfortable with each other on our Zoom calls – mostly because Zamora is so funny and easy to get along with. She had me cracking me up in no time, and it was truly a joy to get to come along for a deep dive into her many interests. Zamora is an amazing teenager that anyone would be lucky to get to know and love.

- Naomi Kolb-Untinen, Youth Engagement Specialist