Meet Jaydon

The soft sound of a waterfall or the musical harmony of birds chirping are two of Jaydon’s favorite sounds in the world. Besides tuning into the melodies and rhythms of nature, Jaydon loves all other forms of music and is soothed by his favorite tunes, anything from a piano ballad to pop music. He’s especially been enjoying his percussion machine lately, and likes to hum right along with it. Music brings light and life to Jaydon, especially harmonies that match his loving and kind spirit.

Jaydon really appreciates the company of others. If you rub Jaydon’s head or reach down to hug him, he’ll gently smile, letting the people around him known he is happy that they are there. Jaydon best expresses himself through genuine joy. He smiles and laughs often and very much enjoys social interactions.

Jaydon would do well in an adoptive family that can provide him with the kind of love and care that he requires. A family who can provide Jaydon with a life-long commitment to uphold the care and routines he is used to is essential. Jaydon’s team is looking for an adoptive family who has experience with children who require extra love and care — Jaydon appreciates lots of it. Jaydon’s team is open to connecting with families from any location as long as they are within a few hours of service providers who can help meet Jaydon’s needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Jaydon, please let us know! Jaydon deserves to have the right adoptive family, and we are excited to help find that for him.

Could you see Jaydon as part of your family?