Meet Dante

A kind, gentle soul, Dante really lights up a room. He’s a super social person and really feels energized and loved when he gets to spend time with the people he likes best in life. Dante is funny and enjoys other people, and they enjoy him right back.

There are so many things that bring Dante joy. He absolutely loves listening to music, jamming out with himself or with his friends. He really enjoys watching cartoons, of course. Cartoons make him laugh, which is great for his wonderful sense of humor. Dante also really likes to spend time with other kids his age. Camaraderie is important to him!

Get a glimpse of three things that Dante loves: learning, connecting, and sharing his smile.

Currently in the 11th grade, Dante just loves being in school. Dante uses a communication device, which works well for him in the classroom. He’s working hard on his schoolwork and would really benefit from an adoptive family who can cheer him on as he finishes up his high school years.

Dante would do well in any family configuration, with or without other siblings, though he would love to have siblings to spend time with. An experienced adoptive family who can provide Dante with the care, attention, and love he needs will be the best fit for him.

If you can see Dante in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Dante as part of your family?