Meet Alec

Alec is a great kid who has an engaging personality and is very articulate. He’s fairly likely to be direct with people in his life and seems to always be actively working to reach some of his personal goals. In the past, Alec was quite driven by playing (and listening to!) music! Of the many instruments he’s interested in trying, guitar has always been at the top of his list.

In school, Alec is working super hard and has been making great progress. An adoptive family who is passionate about education and can help support Alec throughout his educational career will be really beneficial for him. One of Alec’s favorite parts of school is reading, though he also enjoys that outside of the classroom as well!

Alec has a close bond with his grandparents. An adoptive family who will help maintain those relationships throughout his life will be essential.

Alec’s team is eager to hear from experienced families who are excited to parent this awesome kid. The team thinks he'll do well in just about any family configuration, especially if he can be the only child or the youngest of much older siblings. Alec is a kid who loves music, video games, technology, and making genuine connections with the people in his life.

If you can see him in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Alec as part of your family?