Meet Randall

Randall is a cool kid. The things that excite him about life are super fun and applicable to a kid his age’s interests. They keep him happy and engaged. He loves Minecraft, the game all about placing blocks and going on adventures. When he’s not Minecraft-ing, he’s honing in on his Magic: The Gathering skills. Magic: The Gathering is a trading card and/or digital card game that can really be played in a variety of formats. For Randall, it’s a way to strategize and connect – two extremely worthwhile skills to master.

Of course, Randall likes to play on the computer and spend time with his friends as well. He’s a social kid and would do well with an adoptive family who will continue to help him manage his social relationships. Randall is able to self-reflect on his choices and is often vocal about his revelations. He’s in tune with himself and in recent months, has made major progress when it comes to following directions and staying on the right track. An adoptive family who can continue to help Randall thrive will be beneficial for his future.

When he isn’t exploring one of his many passions, Randall is likely working through his local parks department. He excels at hands-on jobs like yard work and would eventually like to go into the military or a specific trade.

As a sophomore in high school, Randall continues to work on his goals and focus on improving his skills in the tougher subjects in the classroom. Randall has several key supports to promote his enjoyment and success in school. Adding an adoptive family to that support group would be an even bigger help for his future.

Randall would do well in an adoptive family who can continue to help him achieve his goals in life, both educational and otherwise. He would do really well in a family with a single dad or a strong paternal presence in general. An adoptive family who can provide Randall with encouragement, support, and a lot of love would be a great fit for him.

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