Meet Kaiden

A highly intelligent concrete thinker, Kaiden is a great kid who is really excited at the prospect of being adopted by the right family. What Kaiden appreciates most is respect and honesty, and he does really well with structure, routine, and the chance to make his own choices when appropriate. Kaiden has been working so hard to meet his personal goals and is active and open in his communication when he truly feels a bond with a caregiver. The right adoptive family is out there for Kaiden, and we’re excited to help him find them.

Currently in the 6th grade, Kaiden enjoys school and is particularly savvy when it comes to math, which is his favorite class, though he is also a big reader. Kaiden is great at completing his school work, though an adoptive family who can cheer him on and advocate for him throughout his schooling years will be really beneficial.

In his free time, Kaiden is likely off enjoying video games or Legos, though he is also really into origami, which is a fun craft that also helps relax him. Kaiden really likes getting outside to play; nothing beats being out in the fresh air, enjoying nature while kicking around a soccer ball. Or throwing a football or tossing a basketball – he likes all sports! As aforementioned, Kaiden is a big reader and is also excited whenever he gets the chance to go to the library.

Kaiden is a rather funny guy, who is also thoughtful, respectful, and insightful. He has some strong positive relationships in his life that help keep him calm and happy. Kaiden’s future goals are really exciting – he hopes to be an air marshal one day!

Something Kaiden loves is playing games — especially in a group. He has a playful competitive side and he’s a real hoot when he’s enthralled by a board game night.

The right adoptive family for Kaiden will have one or two parents and either no other kids, or one or two much older siblings that Kaiden can look up to and learn from. A family who is skilled with coping strategies and can provide Kaiden with lots of support and structure will be great!

If you can see Kaiden in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Kaiden as part of your family?