Meet Justice

Bright, creative, and curious are just a few of the words we can use to describe Justice. Justice has a great mind, the power to think for himself, and the ability to stand up for what he believes. He is an excellent self-advocate and appreciates the assurance that his ideas matter. And his ideas should matter! He is an innovative and interesting kid. Justice is a fan of electronics and appreciates the ability to stay in touch with his friends. He yearns to stay connected to the people and places that are familiar to him.

Like plenty of kids his age, Justice enjoys video games. A unique thing about Justice is his interest in YouTube. He has even toyed with the idea of one day becoming a YouTube star – though he realizes it’s a lot of work to maintain such a superstar presence. In the past, Justice has been involved with Boy Scouts and martial arts, both of which he seemed to enjoy. His current interests also include skateboarding, music, and working out.

Justice is very good at articulating what he wants. He has worked hard on advocating for himself, and is able to eloquently express his feelings and needs. Justice is currently learning the importance of balancing personal goals and plans with day-to-day life.

Currently in his sophomore year of high school, Justice is continually working to stay motivated. He works closely with an educational advocate who is able to help him focus and stay inspired to learn. An adoptive family who can support him through his studies would really help Justice thrive. Sports are one of Justice’s favorite parts of school. His favorites are football and wrestling, though he has dabbled in track as well.

A patient and warm family who can provide a lot of structure would be a great fit for Justice. Justice has experienced plenty of growth in recent years; with a family to support and guide him, he will continue to progress. Justice will thrive with an actively engaged family that will encourage him in the exploration of new interests and the development of open communication. Inclusiveness and patience will be critical for Justice as he transitions into a permanent home. A family who is willing to work alongside him while welcoming him into their family will be the best match for Justice. Additionally, Justice loves animals! A family who has pets would be a great choice for him.

If you can envision this clever and remarkable teen in your family, please let us know. We are excited to find Justice the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Justice as part of your family?

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