Meet Hunter

Hunter is a fun-loving, active kid who has many different interests. Energetic and generally in good spirits, Hunter loves to be involved in all sorts of activities and is consistently open to trying new things. Fishing, climbing, swimming, hiking, or even just looking for caterpillars – Hunter enjoys being outdoors. He loves all animals, but especially cats and hamsters, and likes the idea of living on or near a farm in the future. He has taken karate classes in the past and hopes to pick them up again. He also likes music and baseball, his favorite color is turquoise, and he enjoys playing video games; his favorite is Indiana Jones Lego on Xbox.

Hunter is currently in the 8th grade and is doing really well. School is consistently a place where Hunter really shines. The classroom is an environment where Hunter is able to be social while pushing himself to discover more about the world around him. As a smart kid who revels in the ability to learn new things, the structure and routine of school works well for Hunter.

Hunter is really interested in fully becoming a vegetarian. Currently, he prefers to eat vegetarian meals and would do well with a family who is vegetarian. He is really looking forward to being involved in meal planning with his new family – shopping, prepping, cooking. Hunter has enjoyed attending a Christian church in the past with some of his relatives, and wants to continue attending church, as his faith is important to him. He also loves celebrating the different holidays throughout the year.

Hunter has helped make a list of what he’s hoping for in a family:

  • He is open to living out of state, which would allow him to have a “fresh start.”
  • A family who follows him if he leaves when he is upset. He doesn’t want to be left alone.
  • A family who can be a little stricter at times, with a routine. He wants to be held accountable.
  • A family who does family activities together, but also enjoys video games.
  • A family who will help him with his homework.

Hunter would like to find a stable home environment. He would appreciate being around people who are willing to listen to what he needs, and who will stick by his side while building mutual trust. People who enjoy spending time together, who are open and honest, and who can provide Hunter with consistent, loving relationships would be the best fit for him. Hunter is a great kid and is a lot of fun and would really benefit from a family who can guide him and be present for him on a daily basis and throughout his life.

A rural environment would be most comfortable for Hunter; a place where he can expend his energy and his love of the outdoors. If you are a family who is interested in working toward adoption with Hunter as he continues to progress and mature, please let us know. We would love to find the right fit for this great kid.

Could you see Hunter as part of your family?

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