Meet Deshionna

Deshionna is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Proud of: Her special bond with animals
Anticipates: Her duet with Rihanna
Steers clear of: All escalators
Really wants: An adoptive family

If there’s something that Deshionna loves to do, it is talk about all her favorite topics: animals, musical artists, instruments she loves, traveling, movies she’d return to again and again. That’s exactly why she was excited to set up an extensive Zoom conversation, and put that front and center in her In-Depth Profile.

Deshionna really enjoys being involved in any and everything. She’s in just about every club she can find at school, or will be when she can be in in-person school again, and likes to learn from these community experiences.

A few more of Deshionna’s passions are dance, music, and reading, especially fantasy and fiction books! She also enjoys her tablet and though she is super playful and fun, she can also chill out and watch a movie. Or re-watch a movie if it’s one of her favorites!

A natural leader and a driven person, Deshionna really takes her responsibilities seriously. She loves to be held accountable in leadership roles, like when she was an usher in her church. Deshionna took that role and ran with it, following the directions and guiding others to follow her. She adores animals and extends her aforementioned leadership qualities to caring for animals – she’s a natural! An adoptive family with pets would be really special for her. And she would be special to the animals, as another of her In-Depth profile videos shows so well!

Deshionna wants to introduce you to a dog she worked hard with to “teach him to do cool tricks.” See her love for Rocky, and truly all dogs, in a short video she helped make!

In school, Deshionna thrives on routine and is working on skill building to truly find her voice. She’s a super smart kid who benefits from lots of support and one-on-one time from her teacher and mentors. Her smaller school setting works really well for her learning style. An adoptive family who will continue to encourage and cheer on Deshionna when it comes to her education will help her continue to thrive academically.

Deshionna is very sweet and empathetic and deserves an adoptive family who will be there for her throughout her life. She really appreciates one-on-one time and likes to feel loved and important. Deshionna has a few very close bonds in her life, including her best friend, her aunt, and her biological sisters. An adoptive family who will keep Deshionna’s relationships prevalent in her life will be essential.

Deshionna will do best in an adoptive family where she can be the only child. Deshionna is big on routine and is a true creature of habit; families who understand and can communicate clearly when it comes to changes in their lives will be the best fit for her. As Deshionna continues to learn about who she is, an adoptive family who can guide her and affirm her will really make a difference in her life. A family who is African American or who acknowledges that Deshionna’s culture is important to her and her identity will be necessary. A firm, experienced, loving parent or parent(s) with a dog is an ideal fit for Deshionna!

If you can see Deshionna in your family, please reach out! We are excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Beyond the Profile: When we first reached out to Deshionna to see if she wanted to create an In-Depth Profile, it was clear she was excited, if not entirely sure what she wanted to create. Through our conversations, it quickly became clear what Deshionna is really passionate about — animals. Deshionna is the kind of kid who definitively states something — “I have a beautiful singing voice” — and she absolutely backs it up. When she let me know she was good with animals, I believed her, but I was extra delighted that she gathered her resources and created a short puppy video with her pal Rocky, a very cute black Labrador. Her entire In-Depth Profile represents Deshionna in a way that she was in control of. She’s chatty, friendly, and passionate about what she loves, and she is very good with animals. Just ask Rocky! Especially in the midst of a pandemic, working with Deshionna on her In-Depth Profile was a burst of joy. Deshionna really wants to be adopted by the family she deserves, and we are so excited to help her find that.

-Northwest Adoption Exchange Program Manager, Jessica Tholmer

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