Meet Aaron

Delightful, active, and a lot of fun, Aaron is an awesome kid who deserves the right adoptive family to help him thrive throughout his life. He is eager to belong to the right family, and we are determined to help him find that.

In his free time, Aaron is likely playing outside or practicing his extensive video game skills. Aaron really enjoys playing video games, especially because he’s able to connect with his brothers in that way. He’s super bonded to his biological brothers. An adoptive family who is dedicated to helping Aaron maintain those relationships will be essential. His brothers mean the world to Aaron.

A super active kid, Aaron really enjoys being outside and participating in just about any physical activity. Expending his energy outside is a great thing for Aaron. It’s not just video games he likes to play either – Aaron enjoys outdoor games and really likes family activities. Legos are also a favorite for Aaron, and a great way for him to express himself creatively. Aaron enjoys learning how things work and how things go together – Legos might just be the first step into that interest.

Currently in the 6th grade, Aaron is really successful in school and has great supportive relationships with his teacher, the principal, and other staff at the school. The bonds he’s created there are really good for him and his school is invested in Aaron’s success, now and in his future.

Aaron has great personal insight and knows how to advocate for himself and what he wants. Speaking of what he wants, Aaron is a big animal lover. He currently lives with and adores his pet goat! Aaron would really like to be adopted by a family with pets, or who would be willing to get pets in the future.

Aaron will do well in a one or two parent family. Aaron is great at taking time to himself when he needs it and is comfortable spending time alone when he feels like he needs his own space; he’d do well as the only child in the home, or the youngest of much older siblings. A patient, supportive, and loving family who can help guide Aaron and continue to teach him about the world around him will be a great fit.

If you can see Aaron in your family, please reach out! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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