Meet Rylan

Get this kid a bunch of Legos and he’ll be full of joy. Legos are such a universally loved toy, and the reasons are clear as to why. Rylan, like many other Lego lovers, enjoys having creative control over a world of color. He can build, break down, and start all over – Rylan loves his Legos! When he isn’t building a new world of color, Rylan is most likely playing with his toy cars. He is invigorated by zooming the tiny-wheeled cars around his room or outside somewhere exciting. When it’s time to take it easy, Rylan really enjoys reading books.

Rylan is a very sweet kid who likes to spend time with the adults in his life. He’s able to communicate with them and enjoys spending time with the people in his life. Rylan will thrive with the proper guidance and support from a loving adoptive family. He does well with consistency and responds best to a set schedule that he can rely on.

Currently in the 3rd grade, Rylan does great academically and really likes being in school. Like aforementioned, a set schedule and consistency really helps him to be successful in school. An adoptive family who will be engaged and involved in Rylan’s education and social relationships in the classroom will be great for him.

Rylan will do well with a single parent or two parent family in a home where he can be the only child. Quality time and attention, patience, and lots of guidance are the family qualities that will be the best for Rylan. As Rylan is just starting to learn about pets and how to care for them, it would be best for him to be in a home with no animals as he settles into his new family. If you can see this great kid in your family, please reach out to us! We're excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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