Meet Rylan

Rylan is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Loves: Video games
Always up for: A fishing trip
Known for: Being compassionate
Looking for: A permanent place to call home

Energetic and kind with a personality that lights up the room, Rylan is a really awesome kid. Get Rylan a bunch of LEGOs and he’ll be busy for hours. He loves having creative control and can build, break down, and start all over, no problem. He’s clearly got the patience—once Rylan constructed a LEGO version of the Titanic out of miscellaneous pieces. It almost goes without saying that he’s really skilled when it comes to designing and building projects. It might be his future! Rylan aspires to be an engineer one day.

You want to talk Marvel? Rylan is your guy. He’s a huge fan of the MCU and has made his way through all of the films. His favorite superhero? Captain America! Video games are a favorite activity too and recently he's been really getting into RC cars. Rylan also really enjoys the outdoors, he loves camping and wants to learn how to fish.

Rylan smiling in a blue hat. He wants a family who will take him fishing and camping.

Rylan loves to learn and enjoys hearing about all the new aspects of life. His boundless energy lends itself best to a supportive setting, which includes school. Rylan loves being in class and generally does well, especially with those supportive outlets in place.

His team is excited to hear from families who enjoy being active in their communities and in the outdoors. Additionally, they think he’ll do best in a family with older kids in the home. Rylan himself would really love to have a mom and a dad. Most importantly his team notes that he’ll do his best in a family who has the capacity to provide him with the nurturing and patience he deserves. A family who is plugged into a supportive community network of resources will be ideal.

A social and fun kid, Rylan enjoys lively interactions with people, and appreciates being challenged mentally and physically.

Rylan and James having a conversation. James hopes Rylan finds a family who appreciates what a great kid he is.

If you can see this great kid in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the permanent home he deserves.

Could you see Rylan as part of your family?