Meet Dustin

Simply by talking to him, you can tell how important sports are to Dustin. His imagination allows him to express himself, and sports allow him to expend his energy while learning the importance of teamwork. His number one passion is sports, especially football. (And if you happen to not know how to play football, don’t worry; he’s experienced and patient in coaching people on throwing and catching a football.) A lifelong fan of the Seattle Seahawks, Dustin can tell you anything you’d like to know about the members of the team. He also enjoys wrestling, lacrosse, basketball, and running. He is energetic, quick, motivated, and kind – all great aspects of a superstar athlete.

Dustin enjoys spending time with people and effortlessly engages in conversation. Dustin’s big imagination is a match for his fun and charming personality. Dustin has made great progress as he continues to gain insight while working on his social skills and relationship building abilities. Dustin is able to articulate his own wants and needs. He is very motivated to belong to a committed loving family and looks forward to hiking, biking, camping, sports, game nights, movies, and reading books as a family.

Dustin has developed so many new passions in just the last year. He has become an avid reader (particularly the fantasy genre) who devours books and is very proud that he has gotten so good at reading. He has many newfound interests just in the last year including:

  • Chess, where he has honed in on strategies from studying chess books.
  • An imaginary athletic shoe company that he’s created with countless detailed drawings, a corporate organizational structure and marketing plans, all which represent a great application of his creativity and storytelling abilities.
  • A nice repertoire of card magic tricks that he can perform, all self-taught from, yes, reading books!
  • Greek mythology, which has greatly influenced the branding for his shoe company and, once again, requires lots of reading.

Dustin will be starting his 9th grade year in the fall and continues to work hard in school to maintain positive grades. Dustin is proud of his performance at school and his successes have greatly boosted his self-confidence! He’s really looking forward to starting high school with the hope of finding an adoptive family.

Creative, imaginative and very eager to join the right family, Dustin is a great kid! Dustin’s social worker especially wants to hear from single dads, two dad couples, or a mom and a dad who parent with patience, good humor, and are matter-of-fact. Dustin will appreciate encouragement and guidance from his parents who will build upon his strengths and believe in him. We’d love to hear from active families who could be a wonderful fit for Dustin!

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