Meet Dustin

Dustin has a great combination of a big imagination and a lot of tangible energy, which has led him to discover so many things to be passionate about. Have one conversation with this kid, and you’ll be able to tell right away how important sports are to him, especially football. If you happen to not know how to play the game, don’t worry. He’s an experienced and patient teacher when it comes to throwing a football. A lifelong fan of the Seattle Seahawks, Dustin can tell you anything you’d like to know about the team. The other sports he enjoys are wrestling, lacrosse, baseball, and running. Dustin is super active and always looking for fun. He thrives when he’s able to live life in the moment and he’s rarely afraid to take a risk.

When he’s not playing sports, Dustin is likely playing chess, and honing in on his game by studying chess strategy. He also knows a lot about Greek mythology, which has greatly influenced the branding for his shoe company. Oh, did we forget to mention Dustin’s shoe company? Well, about that imagination – Dustin has invented and illustrated a fictional athletic shoe company that includes countless detailed mock-ups and even includes a corporate organizational structure and marketing plans. Maybe he’ll take preorders soon.

It’s probably clear by now that Dustin always applies himself 100% to everything he does. Currently a junior in high school, Dustin does well in school even though he’s modest about it! If you ask Dustin what his favorite part of the school day is, he’ll tell you, “When the last bell rings and it’s sports practice.” Even besides that, he’s super focused on his grades and performance in all areas, as he’s motivated to do well to achieve his future goals.

Dustin has an engaging personality and any family would be lucky to welcome him into their own. Though Dustin isn’t motivated by the prospect of adoption right now, he’s very eager to find a place and family to call home. Dustin wants to be a part of an active family who hikes, bikes, camps, and plays sports, but can also chill out and play videogames together. Dustin has said that “it doesn’t matter if they are two moms or two dads as long as they are fun and not boring.” Dustin also has said that he will thrive in a family that is active and “gets out doing things in the community.”

Though Dustin would like to be an only child, please note that his team thinks he would also do well with older siblings, especially if they share some of his interests! Dustin is eager to have a solid place to call home and recognizes the importance in getting to know each other and feeling things out as they go.

Dustin's team especially wants to hear from single dads, two dad couples, or a mom and a dad who parent with patience and good humor. Dustin will appreciate encouragement and guidance from adoptive parents who will build upon his strengths and believe in him.

We’d love to hear from active families who are eager to welcome Dustin into their home. Please reach out if you’re interested in connecting with his social worker.