Meet Jac

Creativity is a major component of life. It brings art and original thought and beauty to life. Jac knows this. As a creative thinker, Jac is interested in some of the key forays into the world of art and creativity.

One of the ways Jac spends time with themself is by walking. Going on long walks, sometimes for an hour or two, is a way for Jac to relax, debrief, and get in touch with themselves and the world around them. While on a long walk, Jac also enjoys taking photographs. They’re really drawn to photography and have an eye for capturing the beauty of nature.

Jac is also really interested in drama and theater, and is super interested in acting. They have helped out with plays at school in the past and will likely continue to get involved in the arts! Acting and the behind-the-scenes theater world is a really great fit for Jac, who is a super social person and gets along with just about everyone.

In school, Jac does really well, especially when they apply themselves. They’re a voracious reader who also loves to write stories – maybe they’ll write a play to act in one day! Anytime Jac misses an assignment, they work hard to get it in and get their grade back up.

Jac is also really into anime and would love to attend a big anime convention one day! Future adoptive families that could make that happen would be really exciting for them.

Though Jac is a social butterfly, they also enjoy having time to themself. Their room is a safe haven for Jac and they love to take a beat and spend some time reflecting. Jac is also really close to their foster dads and really appreciates quality one-on-one time with them, doing puzzles or playing games. Jac also really enjoys getting out to ride their bike or head to the park with their foster family.

Jac has excellent communication skills. They are articulate, kind, and able to express their needs and desires. An adoptive family who is encouraging, calm, and patient will be a great fit for Jac. They would do well with a single dad or a two parent family – as long as their future adoptive family is supportive of Jac’s gender fluidity. Jac is currently really involved in the LGBTQ+ community in their town. An adoptive family who is equally as involved with the community would be really special for them.

A family who likes to cook together, eat together, and spend quality time together will be a great fit for Jac. If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful kid, reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

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