Meet Quenten

Quenten is a personable, kind young man with a big heart. Even if he didn’t have such a delightful sense of humor – and he does! – his great big laugh keeps everyone around him smiling. Quenten is really social and enjoys being around other children. He gets along very well with kindred spirits, and enjoys his peers and friends. Being a part of a group is really special to Quenten – being surrounded by people is invigorating to him. His continual good mood is always a great pick-me-up for the people in his life.

Quenten has a whole slew of interests. Some of his favorite pastimes are looking through picture books and reading or being read to by some of his favorite people. Quenten also really loves playing games and listening to music. One of his favorite games includes a bubble machine, because who doesn’t appreciate the whimsical magic of bubbles? In the past, Quenten has practiced his athleticism with sports like t-ball and hand games. As the social kid he is, Quenten also really enjoys participating in community activities. Above all else, he loves the great outdoors. Taking a walk and spending time in the fresh air is really important to Quenten, who love to take in the world around him. When he needs a bit of quiet time, going to the theater or a restaurant is up his alley. A favorite spot to sit and relax is his favorite rocking chair, where he loves to sit calmly and rock.

Quenten is doing well in school, where he thrives in a small classroom environment. Quenten has been working on a few core subjects and has made great progression, using his iPad and other programs to assist him. Along with his iPad, Quenten has learned a number of symbols that he communicates with and has made a lot of progress with his communication. PE is one of his favorite classes, though he has continued to perform in the school band with a little assistance and it is so much fun for him to be a part of such a fun and talented group. Recently, Quenten was really excited to play the bells and tambourine in a performance. Quenten has been engaging in more and more group activities, such as attending dance classes. He has also tried his hand (or foot!) at soccer and previously participated in the Special Olympics. In addition to everything else he works on in school, job readiness is at the top of his list! Quenten’s advisors and mentors are working with him to help path out his future.

Adults that know Quenten note that he will bring a happy heart and smiling face to everyone in his life. He is quick and excited to learn. Once Quenten has been taught a skill, he has no problem remembering what he has learned. He learns directions quickly and follows them very well.

Quenten does have a meaningful connection with his grandparents. It will important for his adoptive family to be supportive of maintaining the significant relationship in some way.

Quenten’s social worker wants to hear from active, outgoing, personable single moms, single dads, and couples who are eager to love and support Quenten. Any family who has a big, open and loving heart and understands the importance of being patient, calm, and kind would be a great fit for Quenten.

If you are interested in learning more about Quenten, please let us know! We are excited to find this great kid the adoptive family he deserves.

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