Meet Roman

Roman is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Collects: Yu-Gi-Oh! cards
Wants to be: A blacksmith or a car mechanic
Top bowling score: 235
Ideal family: The gaming kind

A self-described “nerd,” Roman has about a dozen things that he feels really passionate about. Among the many things he loves are anime, video games, golf, bowling, and tabletop games. Roman is the kind of kid who excitedly spends time on his hobbies, maybe while listening to some classic rock in the background.

While working with Roman, the world changed rapidly. Roman quickly pivoted from a bowling-focused project to sharing about his many interests in an incredibly fun "rapid fire" question game filled with all his favorite things. Check out: 28 Questions with Roman!

A big gamer, Roman enjoys playing all kinds of games, especially video games where he can connect remotely with his biological brother, who he has a close relationship with.

Roman also enjoys watching stand-up comedy, playing the guitar or piano, and drawing, which is especially helpful for him as a way to relax. It’s important for Roman to find the space to carve out a bit of alone time here and there – drawing, reading, or playing an instrument are all excellent ways for him to relax and express himself creatively. Roman can also get down with a good book. His favorite genre to explore is sci-fi or fantasy.

Currently in his sophomore year of high school, Roman does well in school. He would benefit from having an adoptive family who is eager to help him stay on top of assignments, but he enjoys school and has no problem getting his work done.

As aforementioned, Roman is close with his brother. An adoptive family who will nurture and encourage that bond will be essential.

Hitting the gym is something Roman has recently found an interest in. In particular, he likes to row and toss ropes. Previously, Roman was in a bowling league and has four bowling balls, one of which is scented!, and a pair of bowling shoes to prove it.

Roman is a respectful, helpful, sensitive kid who is very conscious of other people’s feelings. He likes to share and enjoys spending time with friends and the people close to him. He’s a great kid who will really benefit from the unconditional love and support of the right adoptive family. Roman will thrive in a home where he can be the only or youngest child, and would do best with brothers!

If you can see Roman in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Photos by Tom Wolken in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

Beyond the Profile: Roman is a complex person. He feels things deeply. He can appear to be a happy-go-lucky young man yet is very deep in thought and can be contemplating the “way of the world." Roman likes to share his passions and learn about new things. He works hard to achieve and to be motivated to keep moving forward. Roman is a young man that wants to find his place and to belong. He is still learning who he is and what he wants, and he needs that support and safety to explore, encourage and nurture this. Consistency is key and the catch phrase that he uses to assist himself to stay true is “the only way out, is through."

-Roman's Lead Program Manager, Scottie

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