Meet Charlie

A kid who really knows how to spend his free time, Charlie has a wide variety of interests and hobbies. He likes to learn about welding and blacksmithing via YouTube. He plays videogames – he likes the kind where you can play with other people. He’s interested in just about anything having to do with anime. He likes watching shows like Dragon Ball Z, reading anime books, and collecting anime memorabilia. A big reader, Charlie enjoys books that can teach him about various religions and different ways of life. He’s a curious kid with an open-mind.

In the past, Charlie was a part of a boat-building group where he was able to work on a bunch of different wood projects, which was awesome for his creative energy. Charlie is super crafty with tools and likes to upcycle by using his imagination to bring old items back to new life. He’s also a strong writer who has enjoyed dabbling in gardening, cooking, and crocheting – we told you he had a lot of hobbies!

Currently in the 8th grade, Charlie does his best in school with extra support and encouragement. He’s a super-fast runner who was an asset to the soccer team before the pandemic got in the way of the regular season. Charlie was also on the wrestling team and was proud to have won a match or two. Clearly an energetic guy, Charlie is also interested in parkour, freestyling running, swimming, hiking, and the list goes on!

It’s not just that he’s got a lot of interests, Charlie also has a big heart. His social worker says he’s smart, friendly, and thoughtful. She adds that he “values family and tells his relatives he loves them” and always makes sure to pass his clothes onto his little brother.

Nearly as much as he values family, Charlie values traditions like Saturday movie nights with popcorn, and big Sunday breakfasts. He really connects with people and remembers everyone he meets, and all of the places he’s called home, and all of the people who have cared for him throughout his life. As his social worker says:

“He always takes away something positive from each experience.”

When asked, Charlie says he wants to be adopted by a “good family.” His social worker adds that Charlie has described his ideal home as one where his caregivers will explain how the things he learns will apply to his adult life. He wants to be in a family that will encourage his connections with his relatives and siblings. Charlie has said he hopes his future family also enjoys anime, Harry Potter, movies, and videogames.

Charlie is such a cool, special kid who deserves to find the right adoptive family. If you can see this kid in yours, please reach out to us!

Could you see Charlie as part of your family?