Meet Michael

To know Michael is to know a few important facts, though most significant of all? Michael is a people person. He is super social and likes to meet new people, and when hes around the people that he loves – whether its family or members of his support team – he absolutely lights up. Michael really wants to be successful and works super hard to be a positive member of his family – something that he is eager to find. Michael really wants to be adopted by the right family.

Michael is passionate about many different things in his life, all that bring him joy and happiness. He loves his three wheeler, hes a big fan of Pokémon, he loves his stuffed animals, and he has recently gotten into playing with Nerf toys. Michael is also always up for a movie night – a potential future activity for his adoptive family!

Getting outside is always invigorating for Michael. He loves to ride his three-wheeler up and down the street and really enjoys swimming. Hes taken swim lessons in the past and would definitely be up for revisiting that aspect of his life. Michael also likes to camp and just generally spend time outdoors. He also likes dogs a lot. An adoptive family who has a pet or would be willing to get one would be great!

Currently in the 4th grade, Michael is doing awesome in school. He’s doing amazing making new friends and his teachers all say he is quite responsible with his online work. He’s very eager to learn and especially loves riding the school bus! Michael does well when he can build trust with his teachers and mentors.

Michael has a few really important connections in his life, including two people he considers his grandparents. An adoptive family who will help Michael maintain contact with the people he loves and relies on for support will be essential.

Everyone just loves Michael. He’s sweet and caring and always wants to be included in whatever is going on. As his social worker says, "even in a room full of strangers, he chatters away.”

Michael really, really wants to be adopted. An adoptive family who is consistent, patient, and is big on honest communication will be the best fit for Michael. Michael thrives on positive attention, so warm, loving families are encouraged to reach out. Michael is a good kid who would really benefit from a family who can guide him in his choices and work with him to ensure he finds the best way to express himself. Michael really appreciates adults that can support him and be there to help him make the right decisions throughout his day and life. The right adoptive family for Michael will be one who will build trust with Michael and be there for him with the understanding that he needs a very specific home where he feels heard and secure.

If you can see Michael in your family, please reach out to us! Were excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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