Meet Bryan

Soft-spoken at first, don’t let Bryan fool you. He is quick to warm up to anyone he meets. Talking to people and making new friends has never been an issue for Bryan; in fact, he loves it! Anywhere he goes, he can find someone to talk to and does it with such confidence and ease. He’s a wonderful storyteller and likes to share all his life experiences. Outgoing, adventurous, and inquisitive, Bryan can easily keep himself busy. Whether he is outside finding unique sticks and building shelters, or inside the house taking apart his skateboard or playing video games, he will find something to do. He prefers to experience things in his life himself, whether it be situations, foods, or activities, but acknowledges that adults have valuable reminders and education about how to go about things.

Bryan describes himself as a nice, happy, and independent person who would help anyone who needed it. He loves skateboarding and watching YouTube videos on his phone or tablet. He plays videogames on his Xbox and hopes for a PlayStation one day. Church is also very important to Bryan. His previous religious community had been a big support for him in the recent years and he is eager in finding a new one close to him. Bryan had previously stayed on a farm and admired the work that goes into it. He loved all the animals, especially the alpacas. Bryan would love to have a pet of his own someday and knows the responsibility that goes into caring for one. Dogs, cats, reptiles—he loves them all. He also really enjoys taking photos and has a talent for it.

There isn’t much that Bryan is afraid of (at least on the outside!), whether its situations, environments, animals, or people. He is easily adaptable and looks for positives in every situation that he finds himself in. A caregiver who can identify these positive characteristics and help him continue to build off them will help set Bryan up for success.

If going to school only required the social aspects, then gee, Bryan would love going to school every day! He does not always care for the academics, but his favorite class is Sewing and Design. When his caregivers take the time to be his school advocate at home, Bryan can be very successful.

Bryan has a number of existing relationships that are both a support for him and will be for his adoptive family. It is important to Bryan that he be given the opportunity to keep in touch with important people who share in pieces of his history. A prospective family should have an understanding that Bryan will need his own timeline to adjust into a new situation.

Generally, Bryan is a calm, easygoing teen who would rather laugh than cause conflict. He really needs adults who are unfazed, and who shower him with the positive, loving attention that he deserves. Bryan is a youth that strives to do well and to be happy with those around him.

Bryan appreciates families that are described as warm, predictable, calm, and consistent. A two-parent household would be ideal, and one of love, devotion, and patience – along with faith. Bryan has requested a stable home where he does not have to worry about packing his bags again. A male role model to show him how to fish, hunt, and camp appeals to Bryan, and he would enjoy a sibling or someone he could relate with. A family that wants to do things together as a family but also supports privacy and independence is ideal for this great kid.

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