Meet Krusher

Krusher is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that engages youth to share directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Often reading or watching: Anime
Guilty pleasure: Energy drinks
Loves: Stories of all kinds
Looking for: A home to call his own

Friendly and thoughtful, Krusher makes a kind, soft-spoken impression on just about everyone he meets. As a teen who has graduated high school and gets to savor a little more free time on his hands, Krusher is making the best use of it. "I like sleeping a lot. I'm not a morning person." Krusher shares that he also likes to spend time reading and watching his favorite animes, including Servamp and Blue Exorcist.

Krusher had a lot to share as a part of his In-Depth Profile. Even rain couldn't stop him!

As an older teen in foster care, Krusher is still optimistic about finding a potential future family and home. He initiated and led the process to create an In-Depth Profile that lets families hear directly from him. At nineteen years old, he has changed a lot in the past few years and he wants to ensure his page reflects who he is today.

Krusher loves stories – movies, anime, books, TV shows, you name it. He keeps some of his favorites close on hand so he can watch them again (for movies, he particularly loves The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey). Lately he's been watching crime shows on tv. Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-0 are two of his favorites. Baking and cooking have been longtime favorite activities...not to mention the eating that gets to happen afterwards!

Krusher is interested in living in the greater Spokane community. It's his desire to stay better connected with friends and family in that area. While he and his worker are open to hearing from any family who may feel a connection, he has shared that he wants to live there.

Another thing about Krusher: he's always on the lookout for fun. For Halloween this past year, Krusher headed to the costume store and bought werewolf gloves and a mask. Scary stuff! "You're never too old to trick or treat," he says. "Especially at my height!" When it comes to the best and worst Halloween candy, you better believe he has opinions. The best? Reese's Pieces. The worst? "Dots. They're too chewy for me. They always stick to my mouth."

"Krusher says his name just felt right from the beginning. The K stands for kindness."

Krusher's name has particularly significance too. He was able to recently complete the legal process of changing it, though he's gone by Krusher for years now. "It fits me, I like it" he says. "The K stands for kindness."

Krusher is a very caring person. He cares about others and he cares about the environment. For many years he has taken it upon himself to pick up trash he finds along the streets and sidewalks during his day-to-day life. He's looking for a home that is similarly caring and kind. As a trans youth, it's also important for Krusher to be in a home that is affirming and accepting of him.

At 19, Krusher enjoys his independence, but still feels like a kid. He laughs and says he still feels immature. The right home will give him the space to be both: a young adult and also a teenager (for a little while longer at least!). He is a honest and a good communicator. He will speak up if he doesn’t understand something. He enjoys bonding with others. There are a few important relationships in Krusher’s life, including his older sister. A family who will support these bonds will be essential.

Teens who are older than 18 can still choose to look for an adoptive home, if it’s what they want. And it is what Krusher wants and has wanted. Krusher will do great in a strong and supportive family who can set boundaries, allow him to be himself, and provide him with choices and independence as well as love and care. If you can envision Krusher in your family, please reach out to us! We’re committed to find him the future family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: Krusher's initiative and desire to be involved in the making of his page has really stood out to me. He is really invested in making an authentic In-Depth Profile and ensuring it reflect who he really is. As an older teen in care, I'm blown away by Krusher's courage, honesty, and resolve to remain open to finding a future family who may be a good fit - while also stepping into young adulthood. He always navigates our conversations with kindness and humor. Every interaction I get to have with Krusher leaves me feeling happier and more joyful. Krusher deserves the best things ahead in his future. At this moment in his life, that includes a potential permanent home. I'm hopeful that someone out there meets him through his profile and is drawn in by his personality and spirit. Help us find him that home he is still looking for!

-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Nick Baumgartner